Canadians continue to pay way, WAY too much for cell phone data when compared to the rest of the world.

It’s infuriating to look at a Canadian cell phone bill. Why are we paying so much for data?

“Well,” apologists will say, “Prices are coming down. But you have to remember that Canada is a big country with a lot of open space. It costs a lot of money to build out and maintain the necessary infrastructure.”

Hah. Right. We pay on average $7.36 per gigabyte. Australians, another big place with huge empty bits, pay $0.60 per gig. That is not a typo.

  • India: $0.22 per gig
  • France: $0.28
  • Russian: $0.35
  • China: $0.51
  • Brazil: $0.55
  • Spain: $0.66
  • UK: $0.86

What about the US? I was surprised to see that Americans pay $8.22 per gig. Switzerland is the worst at $9.99. New Zealand isn’t great, either, with an average cost of $8.07.

Canada’s data costs are tenth in the world, so it could be worse.

  • Zimbabwe: $59.97
  • Yemen: $21.48
  • Turkmenistan: $15.65
  • Central African Republic: $14,94
  • Zambia: $10,97
  • Seychelles: $7.45

If you live in Saskatchewan, you get the best deal on 1GB of data with the average plan costing $20 compared to $28-29 in the rest of the country. Why? Because SaskTel still exists and offers competition to Rogers, Telus, and Bell.

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One thought on “Canadians continue to pay way, WAY too much for cell phone data when compared to the rest of the world.

  • I have a sweet Freedom plan and pay about 40 cents a gig. 74.5 GB good across Canada for $30/mth with a loyalty plan and bonuses. If I somehow consume all that data, it’s not even cut off, just throttled.

    People keep claiming Freedom isn’t as good as the major carriers but I haven’t had an issue for years. I hope Quebcor ownership of it doesn’t ruin it.

    My new phone supports eSims which I’ve already used for cheap data across the border. Looking forward to the feature when I visit Europe this summer.


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