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UPDATE: Creed’s Scott Stapp Has Serious Issues. Making Fun of Him is Now Off Limits.

UPDATE: There may be much more to this story that what first appeared. Scroll down for more.

If you look at the top-selling albums of the Soundscan era, you’ll find that Creed’s second album, Human Clay is firmly in the Top 10, having sold 11,690,000 copies in the US alone. Worldwide, the album has moved somewhere north of 20 million units.

Their debut album, My Own Prison, did well, too, selling about 6 million copies in America and many more globally. Same thing with the third album, Weathered.

Total everything up and you have a band that has sold over 40 million records. So how is possible that singer Scott Stapp could be broke and homeless?

See where drugs, alcohol, divorce and blindly trusting people with your money can get you? More at Spin.
Since this story broke, Scott has been played on a 72 hold for a psychological examination after allegedly having some kind of drug-fueled delusion of being a marked man. His wife says he hears voices and worries their child will be attacked by ISIS. He also rambled on about being targeted by the Obama administration for daring to speak out against the government’s policies (Find the audio here.) TMZ also says:
TMZ has obtained a Madison County Florida Sheriff’s Dept. report which says deputies found Scott on the side of a road Nov. 13 and he appeared wasted, incoherent and rambling that someone was trying to poison him. Cops placed him on a 72-hour psych hold.Jaclyn Stapp — who filed for divorce last month — then filed new legal docs claiming Scott is off the hinges, threatening to kill himself and his AA sponsor, and she says he has the wherewithal to do it … he has guns.Jaclyn says Scott hears phantom voices and has visions of people on fire. She says he’s also paranoid.
He left a message with the dean of his kid’s school on November 10, warning that the school was about to become the target of an ISIS attack.As for why he’s out of his head, Jaclyn says he’s on a potentially fatal drug binge, fueled by steroids, weed, cocaine, PCP, Special K, Crystal meth, and various Rx drugs.Stapp posted a desperate video Friday, saying he’s broke, sometimes homeless and sometimes goes without food. Jaclyn says it’s because he blows all of his money on drugs, and has resorted to pawning personal items to fuel his habit.Jaclyn dismissed her petition Friday to lock Scott up … we’re told she’s now talking to Scott and hopes she can accomplish her goal by communicating with him and convincing him he needs help.
The man clearly has problems. Over the last week, he posted three public statements on Creed’s Facebook page wherein he made all sorts of strange statements and claims. All those videos have been removed but someone was able to grab the second and third and post it to YouTube.(Via LoudWire)


His wife has now filed legal documents to have Scot committed to a psych facility for 60 days.

No more jokes. Let’s hope the man gets the help he needs.

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