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Ex-Blink-182 man Tom DeLonge has a show on UFOs debuting Friday.

Tom DeLonge has always had a feeling that we weren’t be told The Truth when it comes to UFOs, Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, and ultra-exotic technologies like zero-point energy.

There’s also the persistent story that he left Blink-182 so he could focus on this work.

Not only has he co-written non-fiction books on the subject, but he’s also co-written a couple of sci-fi novels he says are based on information he has uncovered. (I’ve read them all, by the way. They’re quite good.)

And, of course, there’s his To The Stars Academy, which is dedicated to exploring what he calls The Phenomenon.

The next chapter in Tom’s attempt to blow things wide open comes in the form of a History Television series called Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation, which debuts this Friday.

And this isn’t just some rehashing of old UFO tales. Here’s how Tom describes things to The Daily News:

“To The Stars Academy is very much involved in the congressional side of things. National security policy, making sure that the elected leadership of the country gets the correct briefings, gets the correct information, creating a formal reporting mechanism and standard for these machines that are witnessed in the sky. This show is a really great way to get the public to understand the hardcore, tangible, real evidence.

“My goal was simply to educate and disseminate the information and to apply pressure on the congressional offices to appropriate the correct funding mechanisms and to create the correct national security policy around this issue.”

Unidentified will include interviews with former military and government officials who have evidence that The Truth is Out There. This includes government video of UFOs and other material.

Okay, I’m in. I want to know what they aren’t telling us!

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