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One thought on “How would you like to hear through your skin? Soon…

  • August 24, 2021 at 6:03 pm

    I admit I skimmed the video. Some of what I watched was amazing and were quite impressive but this was where my skepticism came in. (and yes, I know skimming the video was bad because I’m coming from a place of ignorance)

    1. This Ontenna device goes back at *least*, publically speaking, to 2016. Why is Bloomberg talking about it now? One article mentioned something like 70% of schools have been provided trial versions of the product across Japan since June 2019 for the hard of hearing. It’s certainly not current events there.

    2. I know that cochlear implants are a *very* touchy subject amongst the deaf (I don’t know the PC label and I’m not even going to try and get it right) community so what is the difference between those and this? Why wouldn’t this too be a touchy subject? I know it’s not surgical but is it not along the same lines? (I’m not part of the deaf community..I just happen to wish I was someone who *could* be so lucky as to get a cochlear implant. My hearing loss is not the right kind.)

    I like the idea of it. (and this isn’t where my hearing loss came from although it certainly didn’t HELP matters any) I used to be one of those people who loved to stand in front of the enormous monitors at concerts and feel the (bad baaaaad) bass coursing through my body until it was time to hop back into my place: front and center. (I’m an eel, in that respect!)

    My food for thought on the matter.


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