In the mood for a music conspiracy story? This is a doozy.

Got a tinfoil hat handy? You might want to put it on before you go any further especially if you’re a member of Gen X and grew up with hip hop in the 90s.

Back in the 70s, it was alleged that the KGB invented punk rock to destabilize British society. That was total bunk, completely untrue.

Then in the 90s, stories started surfacing that the CIA poured money into hip hop in order to social engineer….something. This video on the subect is eerily similar to that old punk rock conspiracy. It’sbeen making the rounds over the last few months. I feel icky posting it but it’s important to understand how some people think.

Note that the whistleblower is allegedly an ex-CIA agent who–wait for it–spilled the beans on Russian television. This CIA dude was also granted Russian citizenship in 2011. He also claims that Lyor Cohen, the current head of YouTube Muisc and a longtime music indusry executive. is a CIA asset.

Gee, anyone else see a problem with any of that?

According to this guy, the CIA financed NWA, Afrikka Booobaata [sic–dude, get the name right!], and Grandmaster Flash. The target was Gen X. The goal was to make them drug-dependent, anti-establishment, and anti-authority. Why would any government organization want to turn youth against its own country? Doesn’t that seem a little dangerous?

If this bullshit is to be believed, NWA’s lyrics were scripted by a team of CIA psychologists. Mainstream radio was also allegedly infilatrated in order to promote the new music.

And there’s more: This video alleges that musicians like David Crosby, Jim Morrison, and–FFS–FRANK ZAPPA–were previous CIA assets or dupes.

Watch at your own risk.

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