Massey Hall now part of Allied Music Centre

Massey Hall is still in the process of getting remodeled and renovated to kick off a new era in its storied history, but another new chapter started Tuesday. 

“With enormous gratitude, Massey Hall today announces that Allied Properties, a Canadian provider of creative urban workspace, has made a landmark contribution to the Massey Hall Revitalization. This transformative support expands the project’s original scope and introduces Canada’s premiere multi-purpose performance facility, Allied Music Centre, home of historic Massey Hall,” the historic organization said. 

The partnership between the 126-year-old concert hall and landmark and Allied “will enable us to contribute meaningfully to our communities,” says Michael Emory, president and CEO of Allied. “It will also enable us to propel our vision over an extended period of time and to enrich the experience of the many creative organizations and people who use our urban workspace across the country.” 

Allied promises that “Massey Hall will always be called Massey Hall,” but will make additional improvements on top of the already-in-process revitalization of the storied building. 

There will be a brand new venue, The Theatre, that will “serve as a launch pad for emerging artists and a home for community programming and engagement,” Allied says. “With retractable seating akin to Massey revitalized orchestra level, it easily transforms from traditional theatre for more intimate performances and presentation – seating 100 into a standing room club or education workshop setting.” 

Other improvements include: 

  • The Studio: a multi-use space that could be utilized as a classroom or recording and working space for artists; 
  • Artists’ Lab: dedicated resources for creators, including digital audio workstations, an instrument library, acoustic practice rooms and other accoutrement for artists;
  • The Lounge: A meeting space for musicians, fans and industry representatives that transforms into a gathering area for concert goers at night with great views of downtown Toronto. 

“In Allied, we have found a partner who shares our values, believes in our mission and from day one wanted to know what they could do to make the Massey Hall revitalization even more impactful to the community,” said Jesse Kumagai, president and CEO of the Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall. “As a result, their insightful and meaningful investment is not only bringing Massey Hall a significant step closer to reopening, but also serving as the catalyst for expanded scope…We are immeasurably grateful for this remarkable contribution to Canada’s music scene.” 

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