More Music From The Inbox 28 Oct 2015 Savages, Calling All Astronauts, together PANGEA and More!

Artist: Savages, “The Answer”

Album: Adore Life


Out of London. New album drops in January.

Sounds like: You’re always looking for it. Will you find it?


Artist: Calling All Astronauts, “Empire”

Album: Anti-Social Network

Calling All Astronauts

The new album drops in February for these London rockers

Sounds like: Interpol-like intrigue!


Artist: together PANGEA, “Blue Mirror”

Album: The Phage

together PANGEA

Second single off their brilliant EP.

Sounds like: Circling back to the beginning


Artist: Not of, “The Mark”

Album: Pique

Not Of

Deep diving Toronto duo!

Sounds like: Manic, frantic, static!


Artist: Very Fresh, “Clean Touch”

Album: N/A

Very Fresh

Unique sounds coming out of New York

Sounds like: it really is very fresh, and a little dirty


Artist: The Vryll Society, “Air’”

Album: Pangea

The Vryll Society

Just stumbled across this Liverpool band and had to post it!

Sounds like: Guitar switch and swirl


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