More Music From The Inbox 29 Apr 2015 Kodaline, Dancing With Ruby, Brendan Philip and More!


Artist: Kodaline, “The One”

Album: Coming Up For Air


Fantastic Dublin band I’ve been watching for a couple of years now. Just had a different song on Vampire Diaries!

Sounds like: Telling the truth, completely


Artist: Dancing With Ruby, “Nightmare”  

Album: Becoming Undone

Dancing With Ruby

UK artist with a growing base of fans

Sounds like: A swirl of darkness


Artist: Brendan Philip, “Shadow Ceremony”

Album: Brendan Philip

Brendan Philip

Absolutely stunning Toronto artist!

Sounds like: A blues-tinged electronic call


Artist: Slow Down Molasses, “Home”

Album: Burnt Black Cars

Slow Down Molasses

Brilliant band out of Saskatoon.

Sounds like: Stunning feelings laid out


Artist: Gengahr, “Heroine”

Album: A Dream Outside


Loving the sound of this North London band.

Sounds like: Some interesting styling with a mix of generations


Artist: Smashing Satellites, “What It’s All About”

Album: Sonic Aluzion

Smashing Satellites

Try and check out this Toronto band at their Canadian Music Week showcases.

Sounds like: Electro-rock renaissance


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