More Music From The Inbox 5 Dec 2018 She Drew The Gun, The Fernweh, Matty Carter + Ariel and More!

Artist: She Drew The Gun, “Resister”

Album: Revolution of Mind

Stunning stuff out of Liverpool

Sounds like:  driving through your soul


Artist: The Fernweh, “Brightening In The West”

Album: The Fernweh

Fantastic talent out of Liverpool

Sounds like:  looking up, looking out, on yer way


Artist: Matty Carter + Ariel, “They Don’t Care About Us”

Album: N/A

I love the vibe this NYC duo gives off

Sounds like:  how too many of us feel these days


Artist: Hammock, “We Watched You Disappear”

Album: Universalis

Loving this Nashville outfit’s new stuff

Sounds like:  Ambient dreamscape


Artist: Mr. Twin Sister, “Power of Two”  

Album: Power of Two/Echo Arms

Another New York band making a splash

Sounds like:  jazzy, poppy fusion fun


Artist: Fantomaticos, “Andar”

Album: N/A

This indie outfit from southern Brazil makes me happy

Sounds like:  storytelling brilliance


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