More Music From The Inbox 8 Jul 2015: Christian Tiger School, Black Coffee, Crow Town and More!

Artist: Christian Tiger School, “Chorisolo”

Album: Chrome Tapes

Christian Tiger School

A great band out of Cape Town, South Africa.

Sounds like: Dogged determination (sorry!)


Artist: Black Coffee, “I Will Find You (feat. Cara Frew)”  

Album: N/A

Black Coffee

South African DJ bringing it, everywhere!

Sounds like: The search is on


Artist: Crow Town, “Keep Moving”

Album: N/A

Crow Town

Pure garage sounds out of Toronto/Guelph

Sounds like: What the hell are you lookin’ at?


Artist: Forevr, “Demonstration”

Album: Demonstration


Brilliant shoegaze out of Brisbane, Australia

Sounds like: setting your sights on the target


Artist: Little Liam, “You Don’t Know”

Album: We Are One

Little Liam

Out of Birmingham in the UK and already making some buzz

Sounds like: A good bit of alt-rock/country with soul


Artist: Stone Foundation, “Beverley”

Album: A Life Unlimited

Stone Foundation

Soul sounds out of the UK.

Sounds like: Looking back but really looking forward


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