More Music From The Inbox 9 Sep 2015 Lauren Ray, Daye Jack, Elo and More!

Artist: Lauren Ray, “Come To Me”

Album: Paying For Love

Lauren Ray

Pure beauty coming out of London.

Sounds like: Honest and pure storytelling


Artist: Daye Jack, “Save My Soul”

Album: Soul Glitch

Daye Jack

His first name is pronounced “Die/Yay” so you know. Out of Atlanta.

Sounds like: Looking inside, hard.


Artist: Elo, “Stare”

Album: Elogram


Intriguing new sound out of Soweto in South Africa

Sounds like: The energy between two


Artist: Landslide, “Silence Before The Storm”

Album: Landslide Part 1


New collaboration project between Italy’s Hunter/Game and Iceland’s Kura.

Sounds like: Eyes closed, swaying, waiting


Artist: Whiskerman, “Cardinal City”

Album: Nomad


Great new sound out of Oakland, California!

Sounds like: Such a great retro vibe but brand new


Artist: Allday, “Magic’”

Album: N/A


Out of Melbourne in Australia and smooth running

Sounds like: It’s all about love


Larry Lootsteen

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