Mumford and Sons – The Wolf (And Why They Love Kanye West)

In case you missed it, here’s the latest single from Mumford and Son’s upcoming album Wilder Mind. Self-described as being somewhat Foo fighter-esque, you can decide for yourself.

Meanwhile M&S has this to say about going banjo-less and why they love Kanye West.

It’s hard to think of a modern band so defined by one thing — a tub-thumping acoustic attack — that has switched gears as radically as Mumford & Sons. Every new track features drums played by Mumford (who started as a drummer as a teen) or Wilder Mind producer James Ford, best-known for his work with Arctic Monkeys. Marshall unreels epic, chiming electric-guitar leads while keyboard player Ben Lovett, 28, explores deep-space textures and bassist Ted Dwane, 30, locks in as part of an actual rhythm section. It’s not folk or folk-rock or anything-rock: It’s pure, ambitious, U2-scale rock’n’roll. “We’d been itching for a long time to do something different, and we picked the right time to do that,” says Mumford. “Well, maybe it was a bit late. Because we’d been a band almost as long as The Beatles, and this is only our third record, you know?”

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