More Music From The Inbox 10 Sep 2014 Scenic Route To Alaska, Moovalya, Down To Friend and More!

Artist: Scenic Route To Alaska, “Paris”  

Album: Warrington

Scenic Route To Alaska

Alberta band with some unique sounds

Sounds like: A wish and a plan


Artist: Moovalya, “Hail To The Hearts”

Album: Sixer


Strong punk/rock band coming out of Phoenix.

Sounds like: An anthem for the young


Artist: Down To Friend, “I Forgot The Weekend”

Album: So Awesome, It’s Stupid

Down To Friend

Out of Dallas and apparently having a fun weekend!

Sounds like: Sum41 meets Alexisonfire sort of…


Artist: The Toxic Avenger, “To The Sun”

Album: Romance and Cigarettes

The Toxic Avenger

This talent is out of Paris.

Sounds like: Definite 80’s vibe but more


Artist: Amatorski, “Fragment”

Album: from clay to figures


This Belgian group has a great sound

Sounds like: Dealing with the realities


Artist: The Provincial Archive, “Daisy Garden”

Album: It’s All Shaken Wonder

The Provincial Archive

Incredible stuff from this Edmonton band

Sounds like: Looking for peace amidst the chaos


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