More Music From The Inbox 25 Jun 2014 John & The Ragmen, Broken Broadcast, Melissa Bel and More!

Artist: John and The Ragmen, “Lions and Lambs”

Album: N/A

John and the Ragmen

Out of Teesside in the UK with a great sound.

Sounds like: Conflicting emotions


Artist: The Broken Broadcast, “Tiptoe (So Long Goodbye)”

Album: How Not To Cut A Buffalo

The Broken Broadcast

Based in the northeast of England and a growing fan base

Sounds like: Simple heartbreak


Artist: Melissa Bel, “Don’t Forget To Breathe”

Album: N/A

Melissa Bel

This Toronto-based singer-songwriter played at NXNE 2014

Sounds like: A realization…


Artist: Love and Radiation, “The House”

Album: N/A

Love and Radiation

Chicago band with a dark edge

Sounds like: That feeling you get


Artist: Spaces of Disappearance, “Manic”

Album: N/A

Spaces of Disappearance

Another Chicago band pushing great electro-pop

Sounds like: Tension and release


Artist: Tani G, “Sound Experiments”

Album: N/A

Tani G

Once in a while you run across something beyond. This was too interesting to ignore so I thought I’d share. She has an EP coming but this was some studio experimentation that caught me up. She is based in London.

Sounds like: A trip to the unknown


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