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My friend Dave asked ChatGPT if AI will replace human radio announcers. Here’s what it said.

Dave Charles, a longtime radio consultant, is a good mate, someone who has been in the business for a very long time. Like many of us in the industry, we’re watching the rise of AI, especially a company called Futuri, which is currently peddling an all-AI program called RadioGPT. It essentially does a disturbingly good job of replacing basic radio announcer duties.

Dave had an idea. Why not ask ChatGPT about the prospects of RadioGPT wiping out human radio presenters? Here’s what it had to say (via

“It’s unlikely that RadioGPT or any other AI-based language model will completely replace live radio announcers anytime soon. While AI has made significant progress in natural language processing, there are still many areas where it falls short when compared to human announcers.

“Live radio announcers bring a human touch to their work that AI cannot replicate. They have the ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level, using tone of voice, pacing, and other subtle nuances to convey meaning and emotion. They also have the ability to adapt to unexpected events, such as breaking news or technical issues, in a way that AI cannot.

“However, AI-based language models like RadioGPT can certainly complement live radio announcers by providing assistance with tasks like generating scripts or producing pre-recorded segments. In this way, AI can help to streamline the production process and free up announcers to focus on the aspects of their job that require human skills.

“Overall, it’s likely that AI will continue to play an increasing role in the radio industry, but it’s unlikely that it will replace human announcers entirely.”

The CEO of Futuri will be at Canadian Music Week next month during an event called RadioDays. This should be interesting.

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