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New Music from the Inbox: Elle King, St. Lucia, Sia and more!

Artist: Elle King
Song: Shame

Elle King’s lead single from her upcoming album brings the same grit and energy as her certified double platinum hit Ex’s and Oh’s… but this time with horns!

Artist: Pink Matter
Song: Cleo
EP: Human Error

This song is an alt rock journey that is dark and experimental. Mesmerizing vocals and hypnotizing rhythms are the road that will lead you on your way.


Artist: St. Lucia
Song: Walking Away
Album: Hyperion

Interesting synth sounds, memorable melodies, and sharp rhythms… this one bops!


Artist: Joel Baker
Song: Harder To Fall

This song has got the beats, it’s got the chorus. It’s also got a great mix of acoustic and electronic that keeps it fresh but also grounded. It’s undeniably anthemic.


Artist: Labrinth Ft. Sia and Diplo
Song: Thunderclouds

The swinging rhythms and summer-y horns on this collaborative project between Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo will get you moving for sure!


One thought on “New Music from the Inbox: Elle King, St. Lucia, Sia and more!

  • Thanks for pointing out the new St. Lucia!

    Band gives me a Duran Duran vibe, though perhaps quite a bit more superficial. Still enjoyable!


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