New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (July 22, 2019): The Drew Thomson Foundation, Cassels, The Drippers, and more!

Artist: The Drew Thomson Foundation

Song: “Phone Ring”

Album/EP: The Drew Thomson Foundation

Peppy yet measured pop rock with an immediately catchy riff and an expansive, reflective chorus to keep steady, “Phone Ring” is an excellent single from The Drew Thomson Foundation’s just-announced self-titled. Wandering guitar and bass lines off the top of the tune often give way to collective stomping eighth-notes, adding to the emotiveness of the lyrics.


Artist: Cassels

Song: “The Queue At The Chemists”

Album/EP: The Perfect Ending

Spitting, hodgepodge prog/indie that swerves between styles and themes on a moment’s notice as if attempting to keep up with the narrator’s stream-of-consciousness musings on the state of our climate. A riffy opening gives way to a heavy bridge followed by stressed guitar pluckings and anxious building as Cassels’ tune shifts and appropriately splits open at the seams.


Artist: The Drippers

Song: “Gimme the Shakes”

Album/EP: Action Rock

Weighty, high-octane hard rock chock-full of dense guitar tones and unrelenting drums, “Gimme the Shakes” is a brash modern incarnation of 80s hair metal. Nary a moment isn’t full of crunching riffs and explosive solos, breathing exciting fresh life into an era of headbanging oft-forgotten.


Artist: Bad Buzz

Song: “Talkin’ Shit”

Album/EP: Try Harder

Snotty and spunky pop rock that veers comfortably into pop punk territory (but maybe is a bit too refined to say definitively), “Talkin’ Shit” is a bright and catchy single from Toronto up-comers Bad Buzz. A strong tendency to stick to the ride cymbal and some near-do-woppy gang vocals also harken to old-fashioned 60s surf rock – but not nearly enough to feel corny or derivative.


Artist: Surfaces

Song: “Take Some Time”

Album/EP: Single

Exceptionally breezy, laid-back pop meant for a bright and sunny summer beach day, “Take Some Time” invites its listeners to do just the same. Metered and trebly guitar, meandering melodies, and a crystalline vocal delivery keep things relaxed and peachy keen. Beachy peachy. Easy breezy. You get it.


Mathew Kahansky

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