New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (June 01, 2020): Vistas, BADGUYSWIN, Flower, and more!

Artist: Vistas

Song: “Everything Changes In The End”

Album/EP: Everything Changes In The End

As YouTube commenter Cedrick T puts it, Vistas’ new single “feels like a song you can just go and hang with your friends on a sunny summer day”. I’m right there with you, Cedrick. Splashing guitars, swelling vocals, and an unrelenting optimism produce this charmingly bright indie pop-rocker from the Scottish sweethearts.



Song: “Honey Bucket”

Album/EP: Cowards

Stuttering and sludgy grunge-inspired alternative with a snarling Ozzy-soundalike frontman, “Honey Bucket” sounds like a single pulled straight from a 90s-era subterranean dive bar. This tune makes you feel like you should’ve been in love with it for the past 20 years – unrelenting riffs, scuzzy tones, and that sneering vocal howl are immediate ear worms.


Artist: Flower

Song: “Annihilation Time”

Album/EP: Not Is (But Once Was)

Discordant melodies flow together and tantalizingly pull apart in veteran post-punkers Flower’s triumphant return in “Annihilation Time”. In a tune full of sharp turns and even sharper tunings, it’s a marvel that a cohesive (albeit twistingly challenging) through line comes together – it’s as if Flower is valiantly fighting against its own entropic noise-rock leanings via droning guitars and drawling vocals.


Artist: Tomemitsu

Song: “I’ll Be Alright”

Album/EP: I’ll Be Alright

Dreamy and lazy is really all that can be said about this tune – until the second half, that is. Ethereal guitar and laconic vocals suddenly give way to a bubbling R&B/bedroom pop fusion that reflect soothing early-song ideals by speeding them way up…and then bringing everything back down once more.


Artist: Waltzer

Song: “Eugene”

Album/EP: Single

Crunching instrumentals and echoing vocals coalesce in Waltzer’s hazy psychedelic-ish single “Eugene”. Meandering and warbling lead guitar quickly ascends to the sonic forefront of this track as things quickly spiral into anthemic desert-rock breakdowns before returning once more to the spaced-out, redlining-amp norm.


Mathew Kahansky

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