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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (Apr. 16, 2019): Troi Irons, Late Night Revival, Orouni, & More!

Artist: Troi Irons
Song: “Strangers”
Album: Single
Artist location: Los Angeles, California

Why I like it: Haunting female vocals.


Artist: Late Night Revival
Song: “Xo”
Album: Single
Band location: Los Angeles, California

Why I like it: Upbeat rock.


Artist: Orouni
Song: “Former Lorry Driver”
Album: Single
Artist location: Paris, France

Why I like it: Fun with 80s sounds.


Artist: Licia Chery 
Song: “Peace of Mind”
Album: Single
Artist location: Geneva, Switzerland

Why I like it: Strong, soulful vocals.


Artist: Thunderpussy 
Song: “Somebody to Love” (Jefferson Airplane cover)
Album: Single
Band location: Seattle, Washington

Why I like it: A cover that stays fairly true to the original


Artist: Elisa Hays 
Song: “Giving Up”
Album: Single|
Artist location: Nashville, Tennessee

Why I like it: Infectious melodies.


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