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New Music From The Inbox (March 14, 2017): Butch Bastard, Jerry Leger, Little Dragon &amp and more!

By: Juliette Jagger (@juliettejagger)

Artist: Butch Bastard
Song: Eulogy for the Baby Boomer
Album/EP: Butch Bastard: Live From Dodger Stadium

Ian Murray, the artist behind the Butch Bastard moniker, has just offered up a horribly pensive new track, entitled “Eulogy for the Baby Boomer.” In the video for the song, which appears on the third installment of his “Live” series, Murray performs on a Fender Rhodes piano in a bathrobe as he wonders out loud about the fate of a generation that once defined itself by the phrase “make love not war”, and worries that the whole thing might have been just about the drugs all along.



Artist: Kings of Lowertown
Song: “Woodpile”
Album/EP: Single

Kings of Lowertown are back with yet another dose of their signature brand of brooding dirt-blues. The video for this track, which hinges on the killer line “there’s a devil in the woodpile’, was filmed in the picturesque Ottawa Valley and gives credence to the great alternative music originating from the area.



Artist: Jerry Leger
Song: “Troubled Morn”
Album/EP: Nonsense And Heartache

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Jerry Leger has just released a new track entitled, “Troubled Morn.” From the Heartache side of his forthcoming album, Nonsense And Heartache, Leger says the song just “mysteriously showed up. Don’t remember much about writing it except the line ‘The buildings feel cold as the sun comes up’. I thought of that in Vancouver during the early morning, walking from the water back to the street.” However it came to be, it’s a real beauty.



Artist: Billy Moon
Song: “I Wana Know”
Album/EP: Single

Off of his forthcoming EP, which is due out this spring, “I Wana Know” from Hamilton’s Billy Moon is a jangly garage-pop ode to the limitlessness of the imagination.

Standout lyric: “Believe it kid/You’ll make the grade/You’ll save the day/Cause you’re not walking in formation/Where all the sons/Cleaning their boots/Shining their guns/ It’s all just fear and frustration.”



Artist: Little Dragon
Song: “Sweet”
Album/EP: Season High

Grammy-nominated Little Dragon has just announced that their long-awaited new album, Season High, will be out on April 14th. The release will be the group’s first since their acclaimed 2014 album, Nabuma Rubberband, so as you might expect, they’ve come out of the gates hot with their aptly titled first single, “Sweet.” The video is pretty much weird AF but the track is like sugar-fueled, 80s throw-back, digital wet dream.


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