New Music from the Inbox for October 2, 2017: Ra Ra Ruby, Gloo, Nelson Can, & More!

Artist: Ra Ra Ruby
Song: “I Need A Woman”
Album: Single

This three-piece indie band from Australia has already made waves in their home state of New South Wales. I love the energetic lyrics and the driving bass line of this song.


Artist: Gloo
Song: “Force You”
Album: Single

From Littlehampton, this trio gives the middle finger to being told what to do. I really enjoy the angsty, pop-fused noise punk that they play.


Artist: Nelson Can
Song: “Stonewall Frank”
Album: Single

The lyrics of this song focus on an imaginary man named Frank and a night out at New York’s iconic gay bar the Stonewall Inn. I like Nelson Can’s sound that draws from influences like Souxsie & the Banshees and Sonic Youth.


Artist: MY
Song: “Skeletons”
Album: Single

Swedish singer-songwriter MY knows how to pair a catchy tune with deep and meaningful lyrics. Her latest single is about having trouble moving on from mistakes and how they can haunt someone later in life.


Artist: Black Pistol Fire
Song: “Lost Cause”
Album: Deadbeat Graffiti

Canadian-born, but Texas-based duo Black Pistol Fire draws inspiration from genres such as garage-rock, hip-hop, R&B, and classic rock. On the title track from their latest album, I can really hear the rock and R&B influences coming through their unique sound.


Artist: We Came From Wolves
Song: “Haunt Me”
Album: Haunt Me EP

From their latest EP, this Scottish band really has no regard for “playing it safe”. They rock out with a raw, gritty sound blended with catchy pop hooks.


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