This Would Have Been One Weird Christmas Service: Tupac Lyrics Make It Into a Carolling Book

Perhaps something got lost in translation.

Earlier this month, thousands of people attended the Joy to the World 2016 music festival in Sri Lanka, the country’s largest Christmas carolling service. To make sure everyone was singing out of the–ahem–same hymn book, a festival booklet was printed up. Flipping through the pages led to “Hail Mary”–but not the traditional prayer. Instead, the hymnal reprinted the lyrics of the Tupac song of the same name.

Makaveli in this, Killuminati, all through your body
The blow’s like a twelve gauge shotty, feel me
And God said, “He should send his one begotten son
To lead the wild into the ways of the man
Follow me, eat my flesh, flesh and my flesh”

Come with me, Hail Mary
Run quick see, what do we have here
Now, do you wanna ride or die?

I ain’t a killer but don’t push me, revenge is like the sweetest joy
Next to gettin’ pussy, picture paragraphs unloaded
Wise words bein’ quoted, peeped the weakness in the rap game
And sewed it, bow down, pray to God hoping that he’s listenin’
Seein’ niggaz comin’ for me, to my diamonds, when they glistenin’

Etc. Oh, dear.


Alan Cross

is an internationally known broadcaster, interviewer, writer, consultant, blogger and speaker. In his 30+ years in the music business, Alan has interviewed the biggest names in rock, from David Bowie and U2 to Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters. He’s also known as a musicologist and documentarian through programs like The Ongoing History of New Music.

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