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Random Music News for Monday, April 16, 2018

Interesting hockey factoid: On this day in 1910, the Boston Arena opened. It’s the oldest hockey rink still in use. And when it comes to music news on April 16, 2018…

  1. It’s possible that up to 10% of Facebook users have deleted their accounts since the privacy scandal broke. If there are 2.2 billion users, that’s a LOT of accounts.
  2. Beyonce wants media outlets to stick with official pictures from her Coachella performance to avoid another derp incident.
  3. And yes, they used drones for security at Coachella. No one wanted another Las Vegas-style incident.
  4. Look out, Nietzsche: Kanye West is writing a book on philosophy.
  5. Meanwhile, Flea is set to release his memoir. Can it match Anthony Kiedis’ classic, Scar Tissue?
  6. This dude thinks that Beethoven can be improved through speed.
  7. Gift idea: one of Justin Bieber’s old combs. Just $9,000 USD.
  8. In nature news, male hummingbirds sing with their tail feathers.
  9. More nature news: This punk rock turtle is now on the endangered list. (Via Christopher)
  10. The founder of the Hard Rock Cafe just sold an estate in Malibu for $110 million USD. That is NOT a typo.
  11. This seems to have eluded my attention: Last Wednesday was National 8-Track Day. Had I known, I would have bought a card.
  12. Ed Sheeran is going to star in a movie set in a world where the Beatles never existed. Interesting premise.
  13. There is a big war going on over George Michael’s £105 million fortune.
  14. Five people were arrested in Britain for holding an illegal rave in an abandoned Toys R Us.
  15. Madonna has something to say about ageism. She’s 100% correct, too.
  16. A fire at an LA recording studio claimed two lives.
  17. Well, this was an awkward moment at the opening night of the Titanic musical.
  18. There is going to be an announcement by the Province of Ontario about a new vision for the province’s live music industry tonight at 5pm ET.


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