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Random music news for Saturday, July 13, 2019

This was Live Aid day in 1985. Yes, it was that long ago. Moving on to music news for July 13, 2019. There’s a lot.

  1. These are my weekly music picks for
  2. This is an excellent explanation of what we see on the cover of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album.
  3. Remember when Pearl Jam took on Ticketmaster? That was a long time ago, too. Here’s a refresher course.
  4. Nine out of the ten most-viewed music videos on YouTube are for non-English language songs.
  5. Drake’s e-sports franchise is now apparently worth US$125 million.
  6. Here’s a tour through Lenny Kravitz’s compound in Brazil.
  7. AC/DC will apparently announce a world tour next week. And yes, with Brian Johnson.
  8. What happened between blink-182 and Lil Wayne over their joint tour?
  9. A little neuroscience: How music engages the brain.
  10. Barbie is now…Bowie? Yes. A David Bowie Barbie doll. Only US$50, too.
  11. Even though the Roxodus music festival was canceled, these people decided to go anyway. That’s the spirit!
  12. Well, so much for all those Lil’ Kim interviews.
  13. Interesting: Revenue by unsigned artists was up 35% last year.
  14. Robert. Robert. ROBERT! (Pedo report #1)
  15. Robert. Robert. ROBERT! (Pedo report #2)
  16. Robert. Robert. ROBERT! (Pedo report #3)
  17. Jeffrey. Jeffery. JEFFREY! (Pedo report #4)
  18. The story of Shangri-La, Rick Rubin’s recording studio.
  19. Garfield (the comic strip) remixed by AI.
  20. A John Lennon wall in Prague is inspiring protesters in Hong Kong.
  21. Noel Gallagher: “Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun are American idiots.”

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