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Random music news for Saturday, May 7, 2022

Back in 1984, Keanu Reeves worked for the CBC and did a report on a teddy bear convention. There’s video, too. How’s that for a lead-in to music news for May 7, 2022?

  1. Black Sabbath hockey gear? Yes!
  2. Qobuz, the high-res audio streaming platform is expanding–but still not into Canada.
  3. Looking to get into vinyl? Here’s a turntable worth checking out.
  4. Why do Japanese CDs have bonus tracks? This is the reason.
  5. This drummer covers 160 Iron Maiden songs in 36 minutes.
  6. This will annoy Megadeth fans. I think. (Via Rick J)
  7. How your music preferences match your personality traits.
  8. Live Nation just posted their best-ever Q1. So live music is back?
  9. It’s now Ted Nugent vs. Joan Jett. My money is on Joan.
  10. If you’re a fan of Bad Company, you can now buy a piece of their royalty stream.
  11. Yes, Dolly. You’re a rock star now.
  12. There’s a rumour that Flea is getting back into acting.
  13. Wait until the Pope realizes he might be meeting with THAT Madonna.
  14. Sharon Osbourne is pretty sick with COVID.
  15. Bland. By design.
  16. How about some photos of famous rock stars and their moms?

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BONUS: Not the Love Cats, but close.

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One thought on “Random music news for Saturday, May 7, 2022

  • Japanese imports were a common staple at Tower Records where I grew up (birthplace of aforementioned store including other outlets like Tower Books, etc.).

    These were also available at our local used record shops and the prices, while more expensive due to being *imports* weren’t necessarily higher than imports from other countries as far as I recall. I don’t have many in my collection because I was more interested in purchasing things like the Westwood One series and other live/live radio shows. Those, at the time, were not easy to find and were definitely expensive. There were only a few years I had available to me (back then) that I could purchase them and then life took me to other places.

    I’ve spent a fair bit on special collections of b-sides, rareties and all that in recent years but find myself relegating them to the ‘I’ll get around to them sometime’ pile.

    I’d still rather listen to live tracks. It’s just my default preference.


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