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Random music news for Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I have an assignment today that involves drinking wine. Hey, someone’s gotta do these things. Best get in all the music news for June 12, 2018, that I can before then.

  1. Canadian music sales vs. this time last year: Total albums, -18.2%; CDs, -19.8%; digital albums, -22.9%; physical albums, -15.1%; digital tracks, -21.5%; vinyl, +69.9%(!!!); streaming, +53.3% with 1.103 billion streams last week.
  2. Avicii’s death certificate has been released.
  3. Another band thinks that rock music needs to “up its game.” (Via Steve)
  4. Robbie Williams will perform at the opening game of the World Cup in Russia later this week.
  5. Interesting that Kanye’s Ye album sold just 84,000 physical copies on its way to #1 on the Soundscan album charts. Still, that’s probably a good number given how much Kanye’s audience streams.
  6. Alanis Morissette would like to apologize to all her past boyfriends.
  7. Lily Allen had this to say (sing) about Piers Morgan.
  8. America: The end of net neutrality.
  9. It’s the punks of Berlin vs. Google.
  10. What does Anthony Bourdain’s death have to do with radio? If you’re radio consultant Fred Jacobs, quite a bit.
  11. And Bourdain also had some cool rock star encounters.
  12. Speaking of radio, how do you feel about the touchscreen in your car? Is it as finicky as mine? And don’t get me started on what we have in The Wife’s Honda…
  13. Amazon has a deal to stream Premier League games. Interesting.
  14. And now IKEA has introduced a new smart speaker in partnership with Sonos.
  15. Older rock stars are still selling tons of concert tickets. Here’s why.
  16. China has its own Beyonce. (From Steve again)
  17. Looking to buy some rock’n’roll real estate? Start here.
  18. Is Google about to launch a podcast app? Maybe.

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