Why is this Rapper Dissing WestJet?

There’s gotta be some backstory to this. Lil Pump, a Florida-based rapper, disses of WestJet–WestJet!–in his song, “Gucci Gang,” which was a #2 song on the US hip-hop charts and hit #3 in Canada.

Here’s the portion of the lyrics in question. And beware, people, we’re deep into NSFW territory here.

Bought some red bottoms, cost hella Gs
Fuck your airline, fuck your company
Bitch, your breath smell like some cigarettes
I’d rather fuck a bitch from the projects
They kicked me out the plane off a Percocet
Now Lil Pump fly a private jet
Everybody screaming “fuck West Jet!”
Lil Pump still sell that meth
Hunnid on my wrist sippin on Tech
Fuck a lil bitch, make her pussy wet

Okay, so was he denied boarding because he was off his nut on Percs? Yep. This video is from July and involves a flight from somewhere in the US (Florida?) to Toronto. And not to be too pedantic about it, but WestJet doesn’t have a first class section.

If you see Lil Pump in the departure lounge for your flight, you might want to consider flying out a little later.

(Via Tom and the CBC)

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2 thoughts on “Why is this Rapper Dissing WestJet?

  • The lowest form of “artist” Hip-pop goofs in 2017. That “hunnid” on his wrist will come in handy at the pawn shop for fifty bucks when he’s broke.


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