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7 thoughts on “RIP The iPod Classic. Apple Finally Killed It.

  • And here I was hoping that they’d announce the first honest iPod iteration in years.
    RIP iPod Classic 🙁

  • I’m a HUGE ipod classic fan. I checked this morning just to see if there was an update to a larger hard drive but still had the 160GB model on there. Rushing to store now to buy one while I can.

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  • I was so hoping for a blue tooth version of one. UGH.

    • Bluetooth and wifi would have been awesome.

      The current Nano has Bluetooth, but at that capacity, I’d have much preferred the old little square ones with clips. I have zero interest in watching video on a Nano-sized gadget.

  • The classic is the only one that works in the sound system of both my cars. Something about the itouch and the iPhone that they won’t work. Guess I’m back to the old radio.

  • I know I’m in the minority here but I like having my entire music collection all in one place, no different than when I had towers of CDs and boxes of vinyl – it’s all there when I need it. That’s why I’m gonna miss the 160GB Classic as the capacity of an iPhone and iPod touch just won’t do. And, the thought of having to dump stuff off to make room and reload seems annoying. I never know what I feel like listening to at any given moment. My Classic holds it all.
    Here’s hoping they replace it with something else big enough to accommodate us music nerds.


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