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This idiot homeopath claimed he could cure Ebola and other diseases with sound waves

Many people (including me) consider homoeopathy a quack science with zero credibility in reality. (Save all the emails and phone calls. Like with the whole anti-vaccine insanity, I’ve done my research. Nothing you can say will convince me.)

This story won’t do anything to help the cause of homoeopathy any favours. California-based Dr. William Edwin Gray III was selling “homoeopathic sound files” online claiming that these audio clips could cure Ebola, SARS, swine flu, typhoid, and cholera.

According to Gray, all you had to do was download these sounds, play them through earbuds and you’d be cured. He didn’t offer any evidence or reason, but still…cured! And within just three or four hours!

No earbuds? No problem. You could just listen over a cell phone!

From Ars Technica:

Gray claims that sound waves can carry “the energetic signal in homeopathic remedies” to treat patients. He claims to be able to collect that energy by placing vials of homeopathic remedies (like water) in electrified wire coils and recording any emitted sounds. With this method, he produced 263 “eRemedies,” which are 13-second recordings (conveniently available as either .wav or .MP3 files) said to sound like hissing.

Patients—who are not examined or even seen by Gray—can get these “remedies” via Gray’s website, There they can “dose” themselves with the recordings to treat a variety of ailments. The website lists 23 ailments the recordings treat. A user simply answers a series of questions about their condition and the website serves up the appropriate eRemedy. The individual recordings go for $5 a pop and users can also subscribe to receive 25 for $100.

It’s all bullshit, of course.

Not only is the California medical board threatening to evoke Gray’s license, but he’s decided not to contest any allegations. It would cost too much money to fight and  “Frankly, I think we’d lose anyway.”


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