This program offers voice clones and chatbots based on musicians. This is…concerning.

It’s called YourArtist·AI. The startup has created voice bots based on the actual voices of Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, and a ton of others. You can chat with the bot in the voice of your choice for free. Plus (for a fee) you can get the bot to sing something for you. Just submit an audio file or YouTube link.

Music Ally gives an example of what a Swiftie can get the bot to say in Tay-Tay’s voice: “Hey guys, it’s Taylor! I’ve been working on some new tunes in the studio and thinking about all of you. If you want me to sing one of your favourite melodies, send me the YouTube link or audio file – I’d be happy to sing it for my Swifties.”

The website also says:

  • “Interactive chatting lets you converse with your celebrities as it they were your friends.”
  • “Singing covers of any songs you like, just to make you happy.”

All you need is the app, which is available for both iOS and Android. The description reads “YourArtist.AI app is one of the most popular and powerful AI music generator. It provides worldwide popular AI artist voices that sound human-like and realistic, enables anyone to produce AI music in seconds.”

What could possibly go wrong? I can’t wait until someone gets Taylor Swift to singer “Hammer Smashed Face” by Cannibal Corpse.

Did YourArtist·AI license the right to clone these voices? A lot of countries are currently working on “personality rights” which would prohibit companies from using someone’s voice without their permission.

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One thought on “This program offers voice clones and chatbots based on musicians. This is…concerning.

  • This app is just further proof that any college or university that is still taking money from kids to enter “Tv and Radio arts” programs in the time of AI/CHATGPT/syndication/voice tracking is little more than stealing their money! There are thousands of experienced and seasoned professionals out of work already and adding more to the pile should be a crime.

    There are few jobs now and will be even fewer in the future, and making a living from YouTube or a podcast will only get harder and this kind of program is just the latest of a group of programs to replace real people. If I’m an on-air personality, I’d be saving my money…


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