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An Update on Tom DeLonge’s UFO Research

Along with creative differences and wanting to spend more time with his family, Tom DeLonge felt it was time to leave blink-182 so he could spend more time studying UFOs—or, as he calls it “The Phenomenon.”

This isn’t just some part-time hobby, either. Tom has already co-authored two books (the fictional dramatization Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows and the serious study, Sekret Machines: Gods: Volume 1 of Gods Man & War).

He’s also the founder of To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science, an organization devoted to “bring[ing] transformative science and engineering out of the shadows” free from “the restrictions of government priorities.” In other words, he wants to pursue all kinds of technologies that he claims to have been suppressed by NASA and other government agencies. (Zero-point energy, anyone? What about telepathy and space travel? Sure!)

TTSAoA&S is totally crowdfunded and has raised over $2 million USD from 2,200 donors. A lot of that money has gone to hiring some interesting people.

  • Luis Elizondo: He’s the former head of The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, a multi-million-dollar project run from inside the Pentagon from 2007-12. Although the program still exists, it was officially defunded (more likely moved to the black ops budget) with Elizondo resigning in disgust this past October after new secrecy protocols were put in place. He’s now a part of Tom’s crew.
  • Hal E. Puthoff: A former government physicist and NSA and CIA contractor who worked on various skunkworks projects for Lockheed Martin, he’s been working on “engineering the space-time metric,” a murky way of allowing for instantaneous travel over long distances.
  • Christopher K. Mellon: He used to work with the Defense Department as a deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence.

Over the weekend, The New York Times carried a front-page story about the Pentagon program that included a story about a UFO (or, as Tom prefers, UAP—Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) and a couple of Navy fighters off the coast of California. It was accompanied by some wild radar/video images.

Tom maintains that there’s more information like this coming, that this is “just the tip of the spear.”

I, for one, welcome Tom’s efforts to uncover the truth of our future alien overlords. They’re probably Greys, too. Clever little buggers.

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