September 15, 2023
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We finally have a new metal genre for angry middle-aged white women. Welcome to “karencore.”

One of the more sticky memes of the past couple of years has been the phenomenon of the “karen,” a label given to angry white women who, goddammit, ARE NOT GOING TO LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT AND WILL MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS IT.

“It” can be virtually anything where the woman’s privilege seems to be under attack. She’s looking to make things that inconvenience others into her personal problem, even though she has nothing to do with the situation. One of the most common karen things to do is to call the police on a Black man for–well, whatever he may be doing that’s bothering the karen.

The meme has evolved in many different directions, including a new type of metal that some are calling “karencore.” The progenitor of this hot new sound seems to be Andre Antunes, a YouTube resident who takes the sound of a karen complaining and sets it to music.\

There are two videos from Mr. Antunes so far. Karens will be most annoyed by them.

Let’s begin with preacher Paula White (who is married to Jonathan Cain of Journey) and her rant from the pulpit.

And then we have this woman along with the “BBQ, Beer, and Freedom” dude.

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3 thoughts on “We finally have a new metal genre for angry middle-aged white women. Welcome to “karencore.”

  • The only thing that would make this better is if the guitar guy also had a random dude walking around in the background

  • He looks very much like Sam Dunn, the director of Heavy Metal A Headbanger’s Journey.

  • That second one was awesome.


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