August 28, 2023

World Record Attempt: 24 Hours of Rapping by Murs

LA-based Rapper Murs is attempting to set a new, and currently non-existent, Guinness World Record for rapping. He has to go a minimum of 24 hours (26 if you include allowed and scheduled breaks) in order for Guinness to consider it.

Murs tells Rolling Stone that the idea was borne out of Boost Mobile’s unlimited music streaming program through Slacker Radio, but the marathon eventually took on a deeper meaning for him.

“Lil’ Yachty made his statement about not having to know older songs. And then setting this record became more about me paying tribute to the music I grew up on. And using this platform to maybe even expose someone younger or unaware to the classics,” Murs says of the teenage rapper who admittedly couldn’t name five songs by Tupac or Biggie Smalls.

“I understand where Yachty is coming from especially with the lack of respect he’s been shown from the old school and underground heads. But at the end of the day, hip-hop is rooted in African culture and it’s an oral tradition. And the only way for the essence of the culture to stay intact is for it be passed down from generation to generation. And from Lil’ Yachty to Young Thug to Pete Rock to Shock G, no one wants to be forgotten.”

Read more about and catch some video here.

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