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Anyone seen Meg White? It’s been about 14 years.

Meg White may have been the most reluctant rock star of all time. She’s always been painfully shy which made the fame of The White Stripes pretty tough to take. Now that the band is long over–they officially disbanded in 2011–fans occasionally ask “Hey! Where’s Meg?” That’s a good question.

Meg really hasn’t been seen in public since she appeared with Jack White at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2009. Where’s she living? What’s she doing?

The answers are “Somewhere in Detroit” and “Not much.” And if try to speak to her, you’ll get shut down.

Elle magazine tried hard to reach Meg for a story on her post-rock career. The author got a big runaround and ultimately uncovered nothing. Well, almost nothing. She learned that Meg eats a Honeycrisp apple every day. Seriously. That’s about all.

An online fight about her drumming skills earlier this year certainly didn’t help. The good news that that many, many people rallied to her defense.

Meg is apparently just fine, living the introvert’s best life with her husband. The phrase “Meg White solo album” will remain one of the most unlikely combination of words in the English language.

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2 thoughts on “Anyone seen Meg White? It’s been about 14 years.

  • Wish they would do a White Stripes reunion tour. Even it it’s just a few North American shows for one summer.

  • Maybe leave her alone then? What a douchebag article.


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