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At some point, the Foo Fighters are going to have to tell us what happened to Taylor Hawkins. Or do they? (Slight update. Read the comments.)

[Note: Before you go any further, you should probably read my post “People Need to Stop Jumping to Conclusions About Taylor Hawkins’ Death.” I also may add more to this post as I continue to brood over the situation. – AC]

Stop right now if you’re expecting some salacious gossip about the death of Taylor Hawkins because you’re not going to find it here. Instead, this is a contemplation on something delicate and tricky: When do Taylor’s family, the Foo Fighters, and the Foos organization fill in the blanks about why he died? Or should they?

It’s been more than two weeks since we got the news. Outside of a statement asking for privacy and an announcement that all Foos concerts have been canceled for the foreseeable future, the news blackout has been total. Nothing has come since the paparazzi covered the repatriation of Taylor’s body, stories that came with photos (invasive ones at that) of a very distraught Dave Grohl at LAX. Nothing about a funeral or memorial service. No news about a cemetery. No further forensic information from coroners in both Colombia and LA, other than that hastily-issued statement about “10 drugs being found in his system.” Hardly an official toxicology report. (Again, read my other post before you comment about that.)

I haven’t seen any stories on any news sites or sites that report on music news. Even more shocking is that we haven’t had a single report from TMZ, The Daily Mail, or any number of online pap/gossip sites that are normally awash in this sort of thing. (If I’m wrong, please let me know so I can make the correction.)

How do you do that in this day and age, especially in the Foos’ home base of LA where every second person could be a paid gossip informant? Somebody managed to call off the dogs. Amazing.

Compare this to all the coverage of the death of Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, or any other musician who has died in the last five years, Props to those who have kept a tight lid on things to keep things private.

But then there’s the other side of the story. As a famous person, information about Taylor’s death is newsworthy and (some would argue) in the public interest.

Frankly, I’m torn. Hear me out.

If Taylor died as the result of a heart condition…

…that information would put all the rumours of a drug overdose to rest once and for all. If it wasn’t an overdose, say it wasn’t an overdose. Knowing that would make everyone feel better. Maybe. It might even spur people to check their own health.


…if drugs were involved–or maybe drugs were a contributing factor that triggered a fatal conclusion to a pre-existing condition–then things could be spun into a cautionary tale of some sort. The Foos’ people have at least a chance of controlling the narrative before anything leaks out.

Either way, the internet abhors a vacuum, There are plenty of people who have no problem filling in the blanks with fake news and vile misinformation. That can only harm Taylor’s memory and taint the image of the Foos. Hoping that people will stop asking about what happened isn’t a viable long-term strategy.

Second, if they’re not told the truth, fans are going to be left hanging, the importance of which shouldn’t be discounted. Again, hear me out.

Although few fans personally knew Taylor, millions of people have been affected emotionally. Should that count for something?

We all turn to music to make us feel better when we’re in pain, so when that very music is associated with pain and distress, it can be deeply personal. Losing a favourite rock star becomes like losing a close friend.

And then there’s this: We may not have known the artist, but it is through their music that we learn something about ourselves. The result is a deep bond with the artist, so when they’re taken from us, our hearts can be ripped out.

Think about the world’s reaction when Bowie died. Or when we lost Prince. Or Charlie and Tom and Chris and Chester and Amy and Kurt. And let’s not even get into the loss fans felt with Elvis and John Lennon. Knowing what happened to them–even if the truth is unpleasant–somehow helps us deal with the loss. We just need to…understand, you know? This pain needs to be explained so we can process it and move on.

And if it was an overdose, so what? We’ve become so accustomed to these tragic stories that in the end, it doesn’t matter how or why a favourite musician died; all that mattered is that they were gone.

Or is wanting to know what happened selfish? Is the fans’ need to know superseded by the wishes of the people surrounding the artist?


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160 thoughts on “At some point, the Foo Fighters are going to have to tell us what happened to Taylor Hawkins. Or do they? (Slight update. Read the comments.)

  • well said, Alan – well said

  • Proper coroner’s reports take a really long time don’t they? Usually when something happens don’t they usually release the report until weeks or months later? Granted this is the first time I have followed a timeline this closely so I could be mistaken.

    I would imagine, in other cases like an OD, an accident or a suicide, COD is, I imagine, pretty obvious. I have assumed at this point the the full tox screen hasn’t been completed yet. And that is what is being waited for. If that is the only way to tell in this case, I really think it lends creedence to the idea it was simply a very tragic medical incident. We should learn eventually, though if we *never* hear anything (which seems unlikely), I think that would imply it may have been drug related.

    This is still so awful, I really hope the lack of word on a memorial service means his family was able to do something private without the press getting wind of it.

    God, I miss Taylor and I’ll miss the Foo Fighters

  • …..

    Im no big fan of the FF but hopefully can appreciate how deeply loved they seem to be globally. Deeply.

    Irrespective of a pre existing coronary condition so very sad for his family that he died with substances within him that are wildy dangerous when combined.

    Maybe the lesson that fans might take is be very prudent with ones health and look at very worst case scenarios when taking and combining medications ?

    The law of unforseen consequences abounds.

    His poor young children and wife.

  • Everything said here is perfect. The sheer number of articles or has-beens commenting on his cause of death as though there’s been an official announcement is really offensive and I’m sure very hurtful to those closest to him. I wish we lived in a world where privacy was respected but we don’t. At some point, an official statement will be made but I don’t think it should be a priority for his family while the grief is so raw.

  • You say exactly what I’ve been feeling but of course could never put into the right words.

  • It’s absolutely none of our business.
    Let his family and friends grieve in peace.

  • I’ve just read your article on the lack of news on Taylor Hawkins tragic death. I too have been surprised at the lack of information surrounding his death and funeral arrangements, obviously it’s actually none of my business, however his death has deeply affected me. A Nirvana fan, then a Foo Fighters fan from the very start, I have seen them live over a dozen times, I just can’t believe he, and in my head, the Foo Fighters are gone. I would just like to know how a healthy 50 year old man can die so suddenly, before tours they surely give the band medicals for insurance purposes, or if it’s drugs… who gave them to him? I would like to spend time remembering Taylor when it’s his funeral service, to say goodbye and thank him and his fellow band mates for the amazing memories they have given me.

  • 100% agree. As a longtime fan it’s hard to process this, and to know something of ‘why’ is an important part of working through grief, and the fans are surely feeling plenty of grief. I weirdly even had a dream last night I was trying to bring his body home but couldn’t quite do it. As I say, weird, and yes, I know he’s been repatriated in real life, but the symbolism is probably that because there’s largely a blackout, save that one picture of Dave, (and one other of him by his mum’s house) it almost feels like the grieving is stuck for us fans. I feel mostly like it’s not happened, but then I remember again it has and it feels unreal. I keep checking the news for updates, and like you say, nothing. In my experience there’s very few people to talk it through with. As it’s not a friend or family member, it’s weird describing you feel really sad about someone you never met, and in return most people don’t really understand. When I saw the pictures of Chris Cornell’s funeral it actually helped, maybe it’s that thing of seeing others express their loss helps us too. Of course I don’t wish for his family’s privacy to be intrude on, but something, anything from the band would help on the fan side I think.

  • I totally agree with your narrative.

    Sad if it were a drug overdose given the love Dave had for him as well as his importance to the band/group of friends that were the Foo Fighters. The prescription drugs themselves were a dangerous combination. Maybe that fact will make people take note if they are taking such combinations.

  • I think people should just kind their own business and let them do what they want. Everyone likes their privacy and to cope in their own way, so deal with that.

  • You hit the nail on the head for me. I’ve been looking EVERY DAY for some news on Taylor Hawkins. Even just if they’re having a public memorial or if they had a private funeral. I call it radio silence. It’s so strange. They could have a family spokesperson with some type of statement if for no other reason than to squash the rumors.

  • On March 31 NBC news site reported he had 10 different substances in his body. I’d try to add link but It takes about 20 seconds to find.

  • I really agree with everything you’ve written here, Alan. Thank you for everything you have said on this subject. I think that eventually, someone will need to address it. I dont see it as a “we deserve answers” sort of thing, because we dont really. But I think that you are right, people are already speculating and circulating rumors. I’m on a few different fb pages and the admins for all of them have made statements into the groups that they wont tolerate any speculations because people were starting to do that. So many people that I have read comments from in those groups are just gutted and really grieving. It’s been really hard for me as well on many different levels. I probably have never felt grief for someone I dont personally know at this level before in my life. Kurt was huge for my family at the time, but for me personally, I’m a HUGE Foos fan and now we are left with the question of what comes next if anything. But it’s a question that probably wont be answered for quite awhile. No matter what information we get, I dont expect to hear it from Dave. It took him YEARS to be able to talk about Kurt at all. Taylor was his brother after so many years of being in that musical family together. They raised families together. I just dont see Dave being the one to say anything if history is any indicator and I dont think we can expect it. But I do think someone will need to eventually. I think too many people are hurting and need that closure to not have someone address it. I cant even think about it without just breaking down myself still.

  • You make a great point in this article! As a fan, I have been waiting patiently to learn what caused Taylor Hawkins’s death, and I believe we fans deserve to know for our *own* sense of closure. And for the truth, whatever it might be. Fans are an extended family, if you will, and we’re hurt, too, by what’s happened. We deserve to know. I believe not letting us know would be disrespecting us.

  • There was a picture of Dave Grohl visiting his mother last week on the Fox News site. That’s the only other thing I’ve seen.

  • I don’t have a lot to say here other than the death of Taylor seems to be different from so many musician deaths in the past. Nothing sordid or dark will come out of this. Most probably heart failure with an enlarged heart,..aggravated by the higher altitude of Bogota. Taylor was a member of a band that had no scandal. Dave is probably the most universally well-liked man in the world, be it music or otherwise. Taylor had not one known enemy as well. I feel that because of the universal love for these guys people are stepping back and giving the Foos and family space for privacy and space to grieve,…however long it takes. ANY decision that is made on the part of the band on giving out further details or even the future of the band, will be accepted by all their respectful fans that have formed a family-like alliance with the band over the decades. 25 phenomenal years of rock. If the Foos call it a day then we may have seen the final chords of Rock and Roll in our lifetime.

  • On a side note,…Dave and the guys “owe” us nothing as far as further details. In 25 years they were together they gave us the most wonderful gift of their music to soundtrack our lives. They owe us nothing more.

  • They presented my world with their art, I paid for it and I carry it with me. Point of sale. Move on. It’s a reflection of who I am wanting to know if they had Taylor’s celebration of his life because for me, those events have been helpful in healing during my losses. I want that for anyone who suffers loss whether I know them personally or not. They don’t owe it to me to tell me that they had it.

    That being said, the reason we don’t know anything speaks to Dave Grohl’s power within the industry. It’s a useful tool to have.

  • we’re not hearing anything because DG might be wondering how to explain that he let his “brother from another mother” end up overdosed right next to him and from within the Foo’s little inner circle – without anyone yanking him out of Foo’s and DG’s endless publicity, touring, all over on social media, news, tv. Tragic that no one took the bold step of saying “hey guys – we gotta slow the hell down and help our pal”. What a waste – and all for the pursuit of satisfying DG’s addiction to attention and restlessness.

  • I personally think the way Dave and Taylor’s wife are handling things is the best way.
    They are out of the limelight, They can at least deal with Taylor in their own way and if they want us to know, they’ll say something. I also think Dave should call it a career and spend time with his gorgeous wife and kids. He’s got nothing more to prove..

  • I deeply respect the right to privacy and the time that is needed by Taylor’s family and friends to grieve at their own pace and out of the eye of the public. The time it takes, gives us all a chance to feel into the grief of losing someone cherished, known to us or otherwise.
    Take this time and discomfort to reach out to friends and talk about how you feel about losing Taylor and other losses in your life, connect from your heart not your head and the need to know the what, how or why? There is no quick fix to losing a best friend, partner, parent, child, family member or hero.
    We can all be in this together and wait patiently knowing that Taylor Hawkins was a gift to us all and if we are feeling this sad, those closest to him most certainly need our good thoughts and prayers right now, not questions and impatience.

  • No it is NONE of our business at ALL. His family and bands. That is it. Simple. …

  • you‘ re so right,

  • I don’t usually post responses to things I read, but, I felt compelled because when this first surfaced, I had no idea who Taylor Hawkins was, I had to do a plethora of researching to educate myself. If reports are correct of the substances in his blood, then I have to question suicide or mental health as a possible cause. I can say this coming from my own personal experience battling crippling depression and anxiety. All the different kinds of medication prescribed to help. He helped change people’s lives with music and he could in death save lives by this leading to people becoming more educated about mental health and people suffering don’t feel so alone in there thoughts. Helping with the stigma of mental health bc let’s be honest if it’s related to mental health, we’re going to have to talk about it. I could be so far off key that this is insane, but just a small town country girls thoughts.

  • Thoughtful. I appreciate it.

  • Really I just want Dave and the band to feel the fans’ love and support no matter what they have to do to get through this. I think of them everyday and am still tearing up daily. We grew up with them and they’re a part of so many people’s life soundtrack. I am devastated for them and us and regardless of whether I know why Taylor died, he’s still gone and it sucks.

  • Great, relevant article for devoted Foos, and drum fans. I believe news should be released to set the record straight and bring a sense of closure for all of us hurting and confused. Of course it’s a family matter first and foremost. Dave is so open, he’s like our own brother. And his brother was Taylor, so we would like to know, not out of gossip, but frankly, out of love. We all feel like extended family.

  • His wife, his family, his band, no one needs to disclose anything. He gave everything of himself to his fans. The paps, the public are not owed anything. Does it matter how? Sorry. Let him rest in peace and allow his family, friends and those that actually knew him grieve in private.

  • His wife, his family, his band, no one needs to disclose anything. He gave everything of himself to his fans. The paps, the public are not owed anything. Does it matter how? Sorry. Let him rest in peace and allow his family, friends and those that actually knew him grieve in private.

  • I very much appreciated your very sensitive, yet, intuitive article. I’m not interested in salacious details, gossip or conjecture. I have checked, a number of times, to see if they have had a funeral or memorial of some sort, yet. I, like you, do not know if it is our “right” to know his actual cause of death… though for closure, it might be helpful. You explained it quite eloquently. Thank you. Susan R in NYC.

  • Let’s also discuss what also isn’t being mentioned, which deserves a conversation as much as any underlying heart problems or drug issues.

    Dave Grohl was very pro vaccine with the Foo Fighters. His shows in New York as the pandemic waned; they all required proof of vaccines and it’s been states else where that Taylor Hawkins and the rest of the band were all boosted before leaving the States for their South American tour.

    Whether one is pro-vax, anti-vax or doesn’t really have much of an opinion, this should be as much a topic as any preexisting heart issues or overdose talk.

    It’s hardly a conspiracy theory to mention that there have been some adverse reactions to the vaccine and booster. That’s not to say people should or shouldn’t get the jab. Do what works for you and your family and get on with your life.

    Taylor was an athlete as a drummer playing several hours a night at a fervorous pace. We’ve heard of other fit, younger athletes dealing with cardiomyopathy, enlarged hearts, strokes and untimely deaths due to vaccines, or even COVID-19 itself.

    The fact Grohl was pro-vaccine, there could be an issue if he pushed or forced his bandmates to get vaccinated and Hawkins’ passing was the result of a reaction to a booster.

    Again, maybe it was his heart giving out from years of partying in his past, but all this talk about “10 different substances” in his body and all they’ve named thus far are TCH, anti-depressants, sleeping aids and some opiates, what are the other six? Was there a cocktail of cocaine or heroin (a supposed “white powdery substance” in the hotel room, what was it?)

    You stated it in this piece, music fans were told all the details regarding a Chris Cornell, or Chester Bennington, for better or worse. That said, both legends passed well before COVID and vaccines became part of our day to day society and now that both are realities, no one is talking about what happened to Taylor Hawkins?

    The band doesn’t owe the fans an explanation, I guess. But what about Hawkins’ wife and three kids? The current narrative has a husband, father and friend looking like another rock n roll casualty and drug overdose, which might not be the case, yet might be what it’s labeled to avoid any conversation about vaccines and COVID.

    We’re seeing a lot happening retroactively regarding supposed COVID deaths in 2021. Changes showing that a very minimal number were COVID-only, with no comorbidity listed, yet that wasn’t what they wanted us to believe a year ago.

    Something isn’t right here and it f**king sucks for all involved. The band, the fans, the music community, as well as the legend himself and the wife and kids left behind.

    Something’s gotta give.

  • As a person who worked in music for 20 years and loved Taylor and the Foo Fighters as a fan I want to know he is at peace. I don’t want cause of death. I want closer that often a ceremony will give us. The news was shocking. When I heard I cried for hours and the days after that. I was suppose to see them for the third time this year in LA in August. I feel for Dave, the band, Taylor’s family and friends. No we don’t get to know exactly what happened. We know already it was heart failure. The details are private. However, knowing the funeral was help and he is up in the universe is a ritual we need to heal. Love ❤️ To Taylor one of the greatest drummers and humans of all time!

  • *i find the ‘lack of’

  • Hello! My name is Felipe, and I found some comfort in your words. Taylor’s death left me deeply shaken, something I’ve never felt before with someone who isn’t a relative, it really is as if a close friend is gone.

    I would love to hear an official pronouncement, I’m shocked by the silence, I even wonder, wasn’t there a funeral? How they managed to do a farewell ceremony without any press vehicle knowing, some website posting. It’s a deafening silence.

    Well, I’m just here to share that I’m sorry too, like all fans, I understand this feeling.
    This death reminded me that I’m getting old, and my idols leaving..

    You who live in the US are lucky to be able to see these guys shows, and live the scene, whenever you want.. I live in Brazil, I was able to see them three times, but I’m sorry I didn’t have the opportunity to see them more often. I’m about to buy a ticket to Switzerland to see my other idol Jerry (Cantrel), who will definitely never do his solo shows here in my city, unfortunately =/

    I miss seeing the press covering rock bands and everything else.. I’m going to follow this journal, thanks again for the post, it’s hard to talk about this subject, find other people informed, or even find some comfort.

  • I feel mostly the same. But then, I’m not ENTITLED to anything. Yes there is significant public interest, but if his family and the wider foo fighters family want that totally private, I know that has to be respected.

    On the other hand, no, I don’t feel like I can move on or heal from my own, although ultimately inconsequential loss until I know further information. I am really surprised we have heard nothing of his funeral etc. I did think we may get a statement saying he had been farewelled privately and thanks to the wider foo fighters team and fans for their ongoing love and support or something.

    His family lost their husband and son, brother, uncle and that is of course paramount of any fans needs, but I did think we would have heard something.

  • Stop with the anti-vax talk.

  • Fans are what made the Foo’s. Without us, there would be no them. ” If we come back, they will come back too” Well, Taylor is not coming back and we are grieving . Taylor was our “hero” and “it’s times like these we learn to live again.” IF ..IF ..addiction or mental health issues played a part in Taylors death, I would HOPE the Foo’s or his family would use this as a lesson for the world , and hopefully help and educate the generations coming up behind us. Our children of the future need all the help they can get because our world as it is today , is messy already. A plane turned back in December due to a medical issue. A benefit concert days later had to replace someone. It ‘s there. I HOPE someone finds their voice for it. I also HOPE for healing for his family and friends , and the rest of us too.

  • I agree with you on most counts. I don’t think you’re selfish to want to know or that any of us that do are being selfish. Taylor connected with the fans on such a heartfelt, down to earth level ANd so did Dave until recently. He and Dave both seemed genuine in the truest sense and their relationship did too. What I especially loved is that Their friendship and rapport preserved that indie vibe from the 90s. Miss that so much in musicians, in the current music industry. For the kids to see. I’m Gen X. When Taylor would thank Dave for “not working in guitar center” I knew he meant it cuz I know lots of Gen x musicians that do, or ended up way more away from their dream than that. Your name is familiar but I’m not the music lover I used to be. I suspect you too must know a bassist from the 90s who ended up managing a Sam Ash or worse doing taxes for a living if you are anywhere near mid 50s in age. How humble and self aware and conscious of others comments like that seemed coming from the mouth of a big rockstar drummer.
    To me the Foo fighters and most all their music represents TOTAL healing, rising from ashes, and survival through doing what you love. They were ThE soundtrack to remind us the future can be bright and reminded me of that like no other Rock band ever. Bowie was a god to most of us.. but so different. what made the Foos amazing is Daves public, driven, soothing recovery spewing sounds that have been consistent glorious reminders life can go on and his and Taylor’s creative chemistry that really seemed genuine to the end that so many other bands have lost ( like RHCP quickly comes to mind). We do need to know what happened to Taylor for healing but also we need to know what happened to Taylor because the band as a unit was the last of their kind in genuine music making, that validated the dream that its FUN to be a talented rockstar who isn’t into bling, or glitz and is not full of themself.

  • Maybe the reasons for a lack of response is twofold. Number one – maybe the Foo organization and/or the Hawkins family is embarrassed. To acknowledge and identify that Taylor had a problem with addiction and hasn’t Ibeen ready to confront that reality in the public eye.
    The other possibility is that they did not truly know the extent of Taylor‘s issues with substances. So there is the embarrassment, the guilt, but also the genuine surprise and desperate need to reconcile with all of it privately. Plus if they didn’t know about his substance-abuse, if that’s what in fact killed him, Then definitely the possibility of guilt in the inability to help or see it sooner. In any event, as fans who are deeply broken by this news seeking solace in any form possible, we need to be patient with Dave and the team. Let’s give them that.

  • I want to know… really I do..

    But they owe us nothing. If I were his family, I would keep everything private as well. Some things aren’t meant for the public. I hope the paps don’t get anything.

  • Well said. Thank you for writing your article and expressing what I’ve been feeling and thinking.

    I definitely respect ones privacy but feel as fans who loved the FF only wish there was some way we could show how much we care and feel the lost of his passing.

    They gave us so much through the years I’m sure all the fans want to give their condolences to Dave and his family in some way.

    In the end it doesn’t matter how he died but that he died leaving a big hole for all especially those closest to him and the fans who loved their music.

    Listening to “My Hero” gives me a whole new meaning now especially when I hear the crowd sing it back to them.

  • I’m sure that we will eventually find out his cause of death, but since that preliminary urinalysis was released to the media, I’m sure his family are awaiting a full autopsy report before they reveal his cause of death by the final findings. One thing I question in your article is how you say this could “taint” the image of the Foos if they don’t come out and say how Taylor died? Taylor is an individual, and in no way does any of his personal choices taint any of the other band members. Also, perhaps Mrs. Hawkins is protecting her children from the media parade by not revealing anything at this point, or perhaps ever. I get that feeling that the public is owed an explanation, but in reality, it’s really none of our business.

  • Fans don’t have a “right” to an explanation, fans are not entitled. Although the complete blackout of information seems disingenuous. The media was so quick to report the ten “substances” in his room, and in his body, yet what was actually disclosed to have been found ingested all could have been there for perfectly plausible reasons.
    I believe it is a great disservice to the memory of Taylor Hawkins to allow those initial reports to remain unchecked.
    Also, regarding the Covid “vaccination.” We now know that those that followed those mandates (not laws,) still contracted Covid and there were deaths of previously perfectly healthy people.
    I personally admire Dave Grohl very much, but if the details are being hidden to save face or reputation, it’s not Taylor they are trying to protect. He most assuredly is not concerned with those things anymore.
    Fly, Taylor, Fly.

  • I really appreciate this article. I, too have been searching for news, updates, answers. You know, I think it’s important to remember that Dave Grohl has been through the loss of a bandmate (very unfortunately) once before. His past experience is likely informing this media-silence we’re experiencing. He is very aware of the gong-show that may ensue following the release of further COD information, and likely is lining up the foo-fighting ducks (legal/business) in way that will be best for Taylor’s family and Foos before any further news is released to media.
    As a Foo Fan for over 23 years, I do hope we receive the authentic answers we are all hoping for. It won’t bring Taylor back, but it will give my heart some peace to know the truth and circumstances around his death.

  • It is none of our business. If the Hawkins family want to address this directly or thru Dave/Foo Fighters…it is on their time table.

    The family might want to correct the record if something was inaccurately reported. Otherwise, I do not expect a statement and can appreciate the family’’s request for privacy.

    My thoughts to Taylor’s family and to the Foodls..especially Dave. I wish them all peace and comfort

  • I was a Nirvana fan. I am a huge Foos fan. I have seen them twice, not a lot like some fans, but I got to see Taylor play. I have always loved the drums. My son played the drums, until he discovered girls. Taylor was one of the best. When Charlie Watts died I would say his name out loud from time to time and sigh and be sad. Charlie was 80 when he passed while Taylor was only 50. It’s too young to die. We all loved you Taylor, we all miss you. I’ve been listening to Foos concerts every day while I work. I do a google search for news every day. I’m like the millions of fans, we are expecting a memorial, so we can all virtually cry our asses off, because this is an end of an era. We all want to say goodbye. It may not be the end of the band, Dave loves the crowds and loves the energy. But then, who knows. Dave has been very open about his hearing loss. All I know is I have felt a very heavy sadness since that Sat morning when I read the news and sobbed like I had lost a best friend. Thank you Allan for this article.

  • In December there was an ER where a band member was hospitalized, and no furthér details were provided. So privacy was given, as now. When George Harrison died he was created at Hollywood Forever before his death was even announced. Its rare, but now and then even TMZ does not have a source. Rest in peace, Taylor.

  • As a great fan, and as hurt as I am about Taylor’s death, I would also like closure and to put my mind at rest with love and supporting thoughts for those close to him. To know the cause of death (COD) would help the closure in this. I do not feel, however, it is our right to have COD. Only those close should be privy to those details. If we ever do get the truthful COD, I would only feel greatful of their curtesy by providing the information to the world.

    I also want to state that the knowledge of if COD was due to drugs or heart condition or both, would not change how I feel about Taylor or the FF, but would open me up to understand the ongoing struggle that celebrities go through and why stardom is so surrounded by alcohol and drugs (legal RX and illegal). This, I believe is a real threat! It has been, since before Hendricks and Joplin. Fame and Fortune sounds so glamorous to us ordinary people, but we do not see the hidden price rocks stars pay to get there and remain in the game, while still trying to be a human. That price is becoming pretty apparent.

  • Doesn’t matter why he is gone. He is gone. I would feel better if I knew someone he cared about was with him in the end. Taylor gave us all a lot of joy and his drumming and his smile will always be with us. God bless his wife and kids and the Foos.

  • Marshal, easy cowboy. A fan wouldn’t go off on the Foos as if they were the Spice Girls. There’s no need for that now. We are talking about people. Not addiction. Not addiction to publicity. What Dave should have done. Don’t should on us. If you are a real rocker to your core, as Taylor was, it doesn’t show. Make a comment on Dailymail, respectfully.

  • Foo Fighters are a corporation ultimately and have built an unusual reputation for a rock group. Grohl and Smear have been directly impacted by drug related deaths and I assume the other members of the band are no strangers to this situation so I assume there was a pre-existing awareness of Hawkins’ ‘health’ to say the least. If it’s true he had such an enlarged heart there are definite signs and he definitely did not look good. Any of us who have had anything to do with drugs know when someone has redeveloped a habit. But the Foos have become quite mainstream and created an image as family men so who know how this will be handled.

  • Si, certes, sa famille et son groupe son prioritaire ,Taylor Hawkins était connu et apprécié de millions de personnes à travers le monde.
    C’est justement son public et ses fans qui l’ont porté lui mais aussi les FF à ce niveau de notoriété.

    Il me semble, mais je peux me tromper, que lorsqu’on à la chance de réussir dans ce métier, et que l’on devient un personnage public, on le doit à son propre talent mais aussi et surtout à son public.

    C’est juste pour moi une question de respect du public de la part des FF, mais aussi de la famille de Taylor Hawkins, de prendre en considération la peine et la tristesse de ces millions de personnes dans le monde qui pleure sa mort, de ne pas l’ignorer en se cloîtrant dans le silence, en organisant une cérémonie pour le public de Taylor .

  • What you’ve written is exactly how i feel. I have been obsessed with FF for years, buying every album and going to every tour. His death hit me really hard as it’s the end of the Foos as we know it and possibly THE END. I feel like I need closure, I need a statement from the band, to know how he died and to also know he’s been laid to rest. I’m obsessively looking everyday for a slight piece of news and feel even a little disappointed the fans have been shut out when we are all feeling the emotions and confusion. I know they’re all hurting and trying to deal with the loss but as famous people with a huge following they kind of owe us an explanation.

  • Nobody seems to have brought up the fact that the band had to cancel a show in South Africa when they were held up in Chicago when one of them needed to go to the emergency room.

    • It was in Abu Dhabi for a post-F1 race appearance. And no, we never heard anything further on that.

  • I think you said what many have been feeling. I absolutely hate the way some outlets have jumped on the OD story. Rolling Stone re-released his last interview from 2021. They included the entire interview in the re-release. He talks about his partying days of the past, references the bad choice he made in 2001 and says “he doesn’t want that to be the biggest part of his story. It was a wake up call. His 15 year old son will read this interview and he doesn’t want this to be the story.” I think that is what we all need to respect. He also shares the results of his recent physical. His doctor said he had a very big heart. Just knowing that the hotel staff reported that he called down, asked for help was having chest pains. The medications found in his system were through urine and listed as “traces.” All but one were prescription medications. All can help treat stage fright, which he was open about having. The opioids…could have been pain killers and it would make sense to use those instead of NSAIDs due to his enlarged heart. Not making excuses or trying to justify the conversation one way or another. Just pointing out that there could be more to this story but the most important part is that he was a father, a husband, a brother, a friend & a very talented musician who touched many lives in a very positive way.

  • Oh look, it’s the anti-vaxxxers… who conveniently see “vaccine related death” whenever they want, but ignore when someone dies of COVID who wasn’t vaccinated because it troubles their bubble reality. They are the “fuck your facts” crowd.

    There is no evidence he was an anti-vaxxxer in 2022. None. The fact he said something or supported something a decade ago doesn’t make him that on the day he died. Hell, I hadn’t gotten any vaccine in TWO DECADES until a few years ago. And then I grew up & joined reality. There is also no evidence he was vaccinated “against his will.”

  • To give some background, I’ve been a fan since their first appearance at the Reading Festival here in the UK, before Taylor, when nobody knew who they were other than ‘the drummer from Nirvana’s band’. I’ve followed their rise to success over 25 years and have been fortunate to have seen them play live many times. I’ve also see most of their side projects many times. I have met Chris and Taylor. Taylor was my favourite, he was an exceptional drummer, a joy to watch and listen to, and he also had a beautiful soul. He shone bright.

    As along time fan I am heartbroken he’s gone. The fact that I will never see him live again really pulls on my heart.

    Having said all of that, I truly believe it’s none of our business why he died. That’s a private matter for his family and inner circle to know. As someone whose parents both died quite young, it’s a lot to come to terms with, and what his family need is time to adjust and heal. He has young children that need shielding from all the nonsense and speculation. As fans we should respect that.

  • Sadly, there will always be conspiracy theorists, grifters and vultures, trying to use someone else’s loss to support their own narratives. The lack of empathy here is staggering.

    The band and their families are grieving – give them space and privacy until they are ready to face the world again.

  • Taylor was a celebrity, yes. But, above all, he was a person whose passing deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. The media will sensationalize anything they’re given, just to make a quick buck, and they’ll then hound Taylor’s loved ones for more info. They’ve asked for privacy. After all the FF have given us, that’s the least we can do.

  • Don’t know about US but in the UK all death certificates (stating cause of death) have to be issued before burial/cremation and are a matter of public record. Inquests, which may be opened and adjourned, look into the circumstances surrounding a death and could take many months or years to reach a conclusion.

  • Thanks for this Alan.
    I guess we all feel ‘entitled’ to know how he died (because he lived a unlicensed life) but it isn’t anyone outside of his personal circles’ business.

  • There’s something called The Hippa Law in healthcare that provides everyone with privacy not only for Taylor’s medical history and untimely passing as well of all of ours. It’s basically nobody’s business as to what our medical backgrounds are.

  • It’s the first article I’ve read two weeks after T died and there are things I agree with… I’m a fan of the old school of Foo and I was really shocked by what happened… especially because of the coincidence that they premiered the movie the same day of his death with a heart that beats in a post on instagram .. and it may be pure coincidence although honestly I keep thinking that he may be alive somewhere, over there in Brazil or wherever. Anything they say , like the speculation made so far by this pseudo – journalism , is not going to convince me personally .

  • Likewise, idols are created by us. so no one owes anyone anything, clear as the sun! we all talk as if we knew what happened… and we don’t know anything. what does it mean to be at that level of music , pressures , fears , commitment .. what we do know is to finally share , with this article , what we feel and whatever happened .. keep playing and laughing T

  • When I first heard of Taylors death, these 2 things came to my mind:
    1. How can it happen, that, in the middle of the day, directly before a concert, Taylor Hawkins, who in public always seemed so sober and healthy, have 10 different drugs in his system and calls the front desk (because he has chest pain)? Does he not have a manager? A personal assistant? Tour doctor? Where were his bandmates? Did nobody rush to his room? Did he not call some of his bandmates for help? Was he alone?
    2. Someone who has 10 different substances in his blood does have a serious (!) mental problem and does probably not belong on a big rock tour with travelling. Did nobody notice in what state of mind Taylor was? Who scored the drugs for him? Read Mark Lanegans autobiography if you want to know how “scoring drugs on tour” works…Especially Pat Smear and Dave Grohl, who have experienced the almost SAME situation, similar, about 28 year ago with Cobain (being on tour, overdosing, tour cancelled) did not notice how Taylors state of mind was? That he seemed to be an extreme junkie at the moment? Especially with Dave Grohl in the band, I thought this could not happen twice….But maybe they were not that close as it seemed? Or maybe the whole drugs are still tolerated, even today? Because the show has to go on? I would have never thought that this would happen in a band like the foos…they always seemed so innocent.

  • Not really,…from people like Chris Cornell or River Phoenix you can even read the whole autopsy report on the internet if you wanted to…so much for privacy for medical backgrounds….

  • I think they are all just grieving privately, have read Dave’s book recently he talked about his process when Kurt died and he basically did something similar and stayed out of the limelight for at least a year, I assume that’s his way of dealing with Taylor’s passing. I guess as much as us fans would like more info we have to respect that they are just trying to get through this time privately, after all I’m sure that’s what I would want to do in the same position.

  • This is my 2nd comment. If if was drugs or health due to something like that perhaps Dave G. feels somehow responsible. NOT THAT HE IS, but at their ages and the type of music they play maybe embarking on another tour wasn’t such a great idea. Let’s remember in 2001 when Taylor was in a coma after overdosing on heroin. Most likely you don’t just get 100% clean, especially being in a rock band and exposed to this type of thing wherever they go. I mean they’re not The Osmonds or a religious band. They are a heavy duty rock band. They had nothing more to prove. Stay home and enjoy the family. Do studio records. Dave is the lead singer and founder. He’s the boss. He could have said no. Again, I’m not blaming him but maybe he feels some guilt due to that. Also, they have no obligation to tell us exactly what caused his death, but the should have had some press release about a funeral. Just so we all know it’s real. We, as fans, need that type of closure. Dave, nor Taylor’s wife needed to say anything, but I’m sure a family spokesperson could have put out a short press release saying that a private funeral was held for family and close friends. Please respect their privacy at this difficult time.
    That’s just my humble opinion. I write this with the utmost respect for all who were close to him.

  • I love the Foos, like many of us fans they’ve been part of my life since the 90s. The news of Taylor’s passing is aweful for us outside his inner circle and totally devastating for those inside it. Many of us have experienced loss so we should sympathize. We don’t need to know the details as it won’t change the awful fact that he’s gone. Taylor’s family and the Foo’s don’t have to tell us anything. They just need to grieve and we need to leave them to it.

  • There are so many questions surrounding this death. The Rolling Stone re-release was a very compassionate move on their part which brought some clarity around the prescriptions mentioned in the “press release”. The world isn’t owed a COD or funeral photos, but his children are owed a correction of narrative. They don’t deserve to go their lives with their father being painted as something he was not. He worked very hard to course correct his life for his family. That was both public knowledge and obvious. Had his heart been 600g when he was rushed to ER in Chicago would he have been allowed on a world tour? Isn’t a public printed obituary customary for everyone who dies? Even if that was printed saying that the funeral was private and the cause of death is still unknown, it would be something. The fact that there has been nothing said is the most troubling aspect aside from the loss itself. It may end up being a death like Chris or Kurt where the world knows they were lied to but never knows the real truth, yet the truth is always there if you know where to look.

  • Thank you for this piece. I agree completely. I don’t know if either cause of death makes me feel better or worse. I don’t even know that I really need a reason. I am still just as heartbroken that he is gone. Also, thank you for validating the grief fans feel from the loss of a beloved musician. I am a long time FF fan, and in all my 40 plus🤦‍♀️ years I have never been this devastated over the loss of someone I didn’t know personally. My heart is so heavy for his friends and family❤️

  • Another thoughtful piece. The only reason I want them to let people know is so the headlines he died of an overdose will stop or be accurate. Yes, there were drugs found in his system but we don’t know quantities and if in fact he was using recreationally. All of the drugs found they could have been used as directed – yes even the opioid. From all signs he seemed to be living a pretty healthy life style but you never know what is really going on with someone. He knew he had a big heart – literally and figuratively – maybe it was a more serious condition than they had originally thought. I like that they have kept everything private at the end of the day it’s not our business. It’s heartbreaking no matter what happened. His family lost a husband, father, brother, son and his band lost a truly irreplaceable band mate and dear friend. It’s a loss that is unimaginable for all who actually knew him. I’m just a fan and I can’t believe it. These lyrics hit differently now. One of these days your heart will stop and play it’s final beat. He leaves us with an amazing legacy of music.

  • I so relate to your ambivalence about the fans’ right to know more. The Foo Fighters were such a warm and inclusive band that seemed to appreciate the audience as much as the audience enjoyed them. That they would cut the admiring public out of their grieving seems out of character and hurtful to me. As a concerned fan, I would like to be assured that they are managing somehow and comforting and being comforted by each other.

  • Thank you for both your articles…it perfectly describes how I’ve been feeling…I have been mourning Taylor’s death just like I did when we lost Kurt, Lane, Chris, and Chester and so many other great musicians, no matter how he died everyone can agree it was way too soon. I’m so happy that I was able to see them live many times and hope that we can hear more of the Foos but it will never be the same….I don’t believe Taylor is replaceable. If they don’t decide to play again then we at least have so many great albums to listen to. I’m actually hoping the family did get to lay Taylor to rest in peace without the media making a spectacle of it. The Foo family has gone through enough and need to grieve now….we as fans do as well…I also like to think what an awesome session all of the ones we lost are having in heaven…let’s all remember the joy, that beautiful smile and especially the jams…rest in beats Taylor…you are missed and especially loved by all of us!

  • This may piss some folks off, but here goes. Long term abuse of certain substances can cause an enlarged heart and even if a heart condition was the cause of death officially it is possible the underlying cause was related to drugs and eventually his heart could have given out. It happens all the time. I’m a therapist who works with people struggling with substance use disorders. Whether it was a direct OD or the result of a heart problem remains to be seen but it’s likely related. I’ve been watching this dude for years bc he was an amazing musician and it’s been obvious to me this whole time he’s off and on stuff. This is just my take on this but COVID took a toll on people. When a person with fairly severe anxiety is put back into a performance environment after having so much time away from people it can be overwhelming. I think he had severe anxiety and was using to push through it. Just based on observations and a particular Rolling Stone interview in which it was blatantly obvious to me bc I work with people who use every day. The video of his last performance he was hoarse and didn’t have a lot of air flow and I figure he was on opioids then bc they do that singers. There were plenty of signs and I think all the band knew but didn’t know just how bad it had become. No matter what led to his passing he will truly be missed. He was an amazing performer. Whether drugs were or weren’t the cause of his death it in no way diminishes what a fantastic talent he was.

  • Thanks Alan, great piece and touches on some of the things I have been agonising over.
    For me it’s about closure.
    I have struggled quite a bit since Taylor’s death. I have been confused by how I feel and almost ‘silly’ for being so effected by the loss of someone I had never met. But I saw a quote the other day that “grieving someone you didn’t know is still grief. It simply means they were magic enough to impact the lives of strangers”. Which has helped me process how I am feeling. It is okay to feel like this!
    Music is one of my main “escapes” and the Foo Fighters have been such a massive part of my life.
    I want to understand what happened, not through wanting to be nosey or because I want the gossip but because this pain needs to be explained so I can move on.
    I hope that once Taylor’s family and the Foo Fighters have had a change the grief and process this all themselves that something will be said.
    RIP Taylor

  • I tried to reply directly to the “Chicago” comment above, but am unable to.

    I also find it concerning that we never learned about the Chicago hospital situation. Taylor’s side project also cancelled their gig which was scheduled for the week after the Abu Dhabi gig I think?

  • I’m colombian and I was in the park waiting for Foo Fighters show in the Estereo Picnic Fest, last 25th of march, when Black Pumas’ Eric Burton said that Taylor was found dead a few hours ago. It was a strange moment when you didn’t know how to feel, or what to do. In a country like Colombia we know that anything is possible, even life, even death, and at this moment it’s not important what was Taylor’s cause of death, really, it doesn’t matter anymore. It happened. Now, as a big fan, but knowing all the consequences of a loved one departure (as a lesson from the pandemic) I hope all the band, and specially Dave, could live this time feeling all and changing the pain in some great music, or books, or drawings, or anything. Is the only way to grieve for Taylor, and keeping loving him. And then, for sure, they will know when and what to say to us. I hope so!

  • I am a nurse of 29 years, and a Foo fan for 25! I worked in cardiology for 18 years and can tell you with certainty that your heart does not get to 600 grams from binging on drugs. I can also tell you that antidepressants, marijuana and opioids in prescribed doses, even with alcohol doesn’t kill you. Those medications could have been ambien (sedative for sleep) flexeril ( muscle relaxant) tramadol ( widely prescribed, mild opiate for pain) and the other 7 medications “found in his system” which, by the way did NOT fall into a controlled substance class were probably cardiac meds for what was clearly cardiac disease down to simple Tylenol or cold medicine!! But they weren’t inflammatory or news worthy so everyone is ignoring them and because he’s a ROCK STar it must be drugs. My professional opinion based on his heart size, some obvious physical characteristics seen on him during that last concert and the fact that he was seen, functional and asking for help for chest pain leads me to believe that this was an unfortunate cardiac event in a young man. As a fan, I too want closure in the sense that I want to move on, remembering the awesome human being he was and knowing that those left behind are healing and get the answers that they ( the band) deserve not necessarily us

  • The results of an autopsy can take up to 6 weeks to put together and report. I believe the authorities will report Taylor’s cause of death eventually, and I absolutely hate having to wait that long. Maybe they will try to move it along a little faster. As long as they do it right!

    I had no idea that Taylor had made such a huge impression on so many people. In my experience, the only people who knew who he was was other Foo Fighters fans. But apparently, he affected the lives of many musicians and fans. There are a lot of people out there who are anxious to know what happened to him.

    The Foos will speak when they’re ready. There’s no way Dave will go through the rest of his life without talking about Taylor, his best friend. I would like to know what they knew, if anyone was with Taylor when it happened, and so on, but whether or not they will tell us… I don’t know. Maybe to clear up nasty rumors? If Dave doesn’t want to tell us, he simply won’t. It may be too painful.

    As for the funeral, if they were able to have it without anyone getting a single photo, I don’t know how they did it. But it’s been 2-1/2 weeks! You would think the funeral has happened by now.

  • In June 2021, Hawkins spoke to Rolling Stone about the very heart condition people are now going crazy over. It was already an existing issue that his doctor attributed to “exercising too much.” Sorry, anti-vaxxers. You lost again.

  • Hey Jack,
    I didn’t see a single anti-vaxer comment. I only saw your vitriolic comment. Fact is, Dave required the Vax or a 72 hour negative test for audience members, and the ‘vaccination’ for band members.
    Absolutely no one said Taylor was vaxed “against his will.”
    Here’s a refutation to your “fuck the science” comment; ‘vaccinated’ people have contracted Covid and died, especially after receiving boosters.
    The vaccine was a mandate, not a law, so people had a right to choose, no matter how hard your administration tried to make it for those who declined.
    Your comment was unnecessary, and hostile, but even people as rigid as you have a right to an opinion.
    I believe Taylor died from heart disease and nothing more.
    I also believe you need to think. More carefully before you spew on comment feeds such as tbis.

  • Let’s go over it:

    1. The report from Columbia that 10 substances were found in Taylor’s urine could be false. It has been taken as gospel.

    2. People here commenting that Dave and the band should have known that T was doing drugs. No. Drug use, and this is not directed at T, is a very private thing. It’s not party drugging with the band when, hypothetically, they were younger. Spouses hide it from spouses. Friends hide it from friends, coworkers, children. Even if it is just middle aged taking of prescribed Benzos, Ambien, antidepressants, or shopping around for Vicodin, Oxy. It’s personal, internal business. And there’s stigma and shame. We try to hide our weaknesses at all costs and use what we need to get by. Look happy, functional. Stop the blame. We all have secrets and whys. And this speculation is just dangerous judgement to keep the shame alive.

    3. No one will ever know if it’s vaccine related. Can’t go there with any proof.

    4. Heart disease is a silent killer. We all walk around with potentially large hearts. Or budding malignant tumors. Very hard to trace back.

    5. Life and death are a splendid, terrible combination of contributors. Alchemy. There are mostly no neatly packaged singular answers to any of us.

    6. Let’s be graceful. Deferential. Factual as possible when given, as I think we will be, respectful information in time.

  • The Foos have been a part of our lives for so many years. And when you’re a big fan you follow, admire, appreciate and love them all. When one of them dies you feel like you lost a long-time friend. Everyone grieves and everyone needs closure. Hawkins is a tough loss. One of the nicest, coolest, and of course most talented artists in the business. RIP Taylor.

  • I haven’t read every comment on here so apologies if someone has already covered what im about to write.

    Im from the UK and the Foo Fighters have been my favourite band ever since I saw them perform at the V festival. I was deeply saddened by the news and then disappointed at some need by the media to make this another ‘Rockstar overdose’. If this turns out to be the case then so be it, Taylor seemed to be high on life more than anything else, but theres been plenty of celebrities who have struggled with substances despite seeming ‘happy’.

    The other take I have on it is this. Having lived in the US for a few years, I was often amazed at how many people where taking prescription medication, for one reason or another I would see people at airport security with clear plastic bags of meds bigger than their carry on!
    When I would visit the doctor they were always shocked that I was not ‘On’ anything, I was then in turn shocked that they would feel the need to ask me again!
    My point is that if there were indeed 10+ substances in his system, all of which legal and prescribed by a doctor, which prolonged use of resulted in a heart condition, then knowing this could help make people realise that pills are not always the answer. Meds for every little thing is not healthy and a cocktail of them can even be lethal, whether prescribed or not.

    This outcome would actually be more important to make public as it would highlight the legal misuse of prescription drugs in America. An illegal overdose will just put him in that box with all the others and we wont learn anything.

  • In my opinion it’s no one’s business!! And Like so many others I too am a life long fan of nirvana then foofighters but it’s his poor wife and children, his family and the foofighters I really feel sorry for and seeing shit like this on the internet is not gonna help them or us bring Taylor back heaven obviously needed him more than anyone else.

  • Very well said – yes a complete news blackout which hopefully people will not speculate on. However, as with the loss of Freddie Mercury one of Taylors hero’s and how Dave did the liturgy at Lemmy’s funeral they obviously know how the fans and the world like our hero’s to be shown respect at their passing. It would be a fitting tribute to such a wonderful guy, musician and band to have the music world come together in his honour. I think that would help ease the pain for them all – it did for Queen.

  • I was shocked when I heard about Taylor. I wasn’t shocked by the quick news report “10 drugs found in his urine”. A complete toxicology takes longer. When a family member of mine passed away my family had to wait a minimum of 6 weeks for the tox results. Taking a sample from urine is a vague way to get results. If I was checked I would have about 7 or 8 of the drugs in my system for completely valid medical reasons (that my doctor okays).
    As for a funeral, the grief of his family takes precedence over ours. Someone I know said to me “you don’t have to rush to satisfy everyone else, take your time and when you’re ready make plans for a service. Everyone else can wait.” Our grief seems so vast but his family is hurting more. Let them grieve their way. We can wait.

  • I check everyday for any type of funeral or memorial announcement and nothing. Has it happened? Will it happen? Pending? I feel like I need this for closure.

  • It is understandable that many people are shocked and saddened by Taylor’s passing. As a long time Northern Virginian resident who lived close to Grohl’s home in Alexandria the band was a huge part of my life, particularly in the early days when they hadn’t reached international fame. Foo Fighters has a special place in my heart and like so many fans I am left wondering what happened; however, I seriously doubt they are hiding anything or trying to control information. It can take up to a month before autopsy reports are finalized and honestly, I think the Foo Fighters family is in shock. We will eventually find out what happened.

  • Marshal, interesting perspective.

  • I feel that Taylor has been cremated and is in their home. I do not believe we will be told of true circumstances for a very, very long time. I don’t believe Dave Grohl can handle what has happened. We will be lucky if we ever, ever see him again in a public concert setting. I need closure as well but don’t think that’s going to happen. I think instead, as the third close death for him, and seeing his eyes in the picture of him going to his mom’s house, that all our desires for wanting to know … and for closure … need to be redirected to sending love to Dave so he doesn’t lose what very little is left of him.

  • Q: “ something delicate and tricky: When do Taylor’s family, the Foo Fighters, and the Foos organization fill in the blanks about why he died? Or should they?”

    A: whenever they’re damn good & ready, never is an option for them as well

    Thoughtful piece, you make some valid points
    – I for one, wld like the ridiculous speculations to stop but guess what? They’ll continue long after (if) there is a definitive official explanation given, no matter how it’s done.

    2 – for the love of all that is holy… it’s only been 2+ weeks! Taylor’s close friends, family, loved ones, CHILDREN, are dealing w a deep crippling grief, that most of us hope to never experience. Shocking. Gut wrenching. Unimaginable. Unspeakable. Unbearable.

    Taylor was as DG said somewhere “an F5 tornado of hyperactive joy”.
    An amazing human being on so many levels, just so much love & light.

    Allow these people time, dignity, privacy, to grieve and honor & respect their most precious husband, father, brother-friend, however they choose.

    We can wait.

    My heart goes out to all the fans who feel this loss deeply. He was truly a beautiful soul who will long be greatly missed.

    Rest in beats TW

  • Hopefully it wasn’t a reaction to the Covid shots

  • In a Rolling Stone interview with Taylor some time ago, they spoke about his anxieties around performing and his health. I have to say, for a drummer (especially one with his energetic style) to perform 3 hour shows, and go mountain biking until you feel like you would puke (his words) its no wonder his heart was big. Athletes can get enlarged hearts. I think pain, anxiety and a will to give 100%, will be a big part of why Taylor was taken too soon. Lets not right him off as another drug related death … lets just be kind.

  • I have been thinking the same thing! I google his name very few days to see if there’s any updates and nothing. I’m equally torn between “is it my business” and “The fans need closure”. I don’t think there will be radio silence forever but it might take a while before anything else is said. I’m sure it’ll take time before Dave decides if the Foo Fighters can go on without Taylor in the long term. Taylor’s family most definitely wants to protect his kids from the pain of potentially damaging news. I also have been wondering if Dave blames himself or if anyone saw signs that he was using and now feels guilty. Clearly not Dave’s fault but musicians and songwriters are sensitive people and the band has a long road of healing ahead of them. Given that Dave is a songwriter, in time he will create some music that heals his soul and ours.

  • I have questions, and I need closure.
    How can anyone perform in the manner he did, every performance, every concert, was always balls out, with an enlarged heart? This heart issue didnt happen overnight.
    At this point, I dont care how. I just need to know what it was.
    We do need, at some point soon, to hear from Dave.
    In my opinion, he wont be looking for another drummer. The Foo Fighters are over. He didnt try to reinvent Nirvana when Kurt died. He created something new.
    I just want closure.

  • The Foo’s have given us enough. Leave them all to get through this and do as they have asked and let them have privacy. I do not feel that is too much to ask.

  • In my personal opinion, as fans, we are not owed an explanation of what happened to Taylor Hawkins. We know enough, we know that he passed away and any explanation further than that is none of our business, nor does it matter because it does not change the fact that he passed away, how he passed away, or will it change our grief that he has passed.

    I, like most other fans, check daily for news about Taylor Hawkins, however, not of the cause of his death but of news of how his life will be celebrated. This is where I feel as though as fans there needs to be some acknowledgment of the intense grief millions that fans are going through and as much as The Foo Fighters have given us, we have also given them our love and appreciation of them and their music.

    At the moment, I do not see the fan’s grief being acknowledged in any way and I know millions are grieving and in need of acknowledgment and a way to join in and celebrate the life of Taylor Hawkins life for their mental health/well-being and closure. This has not happened and it’s just radio silence, I understood this for a period of time, however, that period of time for me passed a couple of days ago when I felt frustrated and angry that we are not celebrating his life.

    I guess I am asking/begging The Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins family, to take your time but let us know that in the future at some point we lowly people (the fans) are going to get the opportunity to celebrate his life. In my opinion, this would happen in collaboration with some of the world’s greatest musicians and be made readily available to fans worldwide to watch.

    In the meantime we wait and hope.

  • There are some comments here mentioning the “anti-vaxxers.” I can confirm that there was a comment and a link to a blog, I think that specifically stated that Taylor died of Miocarditis caused by a Covid vaccine. I scanned the article and looked at the “facts” that were stated. None of them were accurate when I looked them up with other sources. The comment has been deleted but, it was there.

  • I doubt the funeral has happened- I imagine they are awaiting comprehensive tests etc which can take 6 weeks. I also think the press would have unfortunately got wind of the funeral if it had happened.

  • I can’t imagine how hard this is for the Foos, for Dave and Pat who both knew and played with Kurt, and who both came out of that having shed the sounds of depression for the love of life, fun, and having a good time with the love of simply rocking and enjoying time together.

    In a way, Dave helped a lot of us process and come out of Kurt’s death. He came out of the ashes of Nirvana with an infectious thirst for life and the plain fun of rocking. Kurt was a one-of-a-kind artist, a marvel, but his darkness spiraled down and down until he took his life. Dave went the other direction, towards life and love, and for those of us who listened and watched him, we went with him.

    So imagine having come out of the trauma of Kurt’s death, finding love of life and rock again, shedding the surely culture of calling others sellouts, etc., and then on top of it finding a kindred soul, a true brother of the same spirit, in Taylor. Dave got to come out of the trauma and build a band and family and career where they were all in it together, living instead of dancing around depression and death like Kurt did. Dave came out of it and it was healing for him and the rest of us. He found a way of life, family and a brother.

    And then this trauma, which has to hurt so much worse than when Kurt died, because when you love and share life—especially having spent much more time together than with Nirvana and *enjoying* it all—I can’t imagine how hard this is for Dave. This has got to be infinitely harder than losing Kurt. It’s got to have triggered the trauma of Kurt’s death, but compounded with having lost a brother and soul mate. A family member. Taylor was probably the peak person of Dave’s joy in the Foos, the encapsulation in one soul brother of the joy he found in pursuing life instead of death following Kurt’s passing.

    And now Taylor is suddenly, tragically gone. And it was probably at least triggered by drugs on top of it.

    The trauma for Dave, the wound this has given him, has got to be affecting him and changing him. It will probably take him time to learn to walk again, and the way he walks and the path he takes may likely be different. Whether he (and the Foos) can go on making music together after this is probably unfathomable at this point. Grieving and healing needs to happen first. That may happen with music, and/or it may happen through speaking about what happened. But neither of those things can happen easily. It will take time. If it took Dave a long time to be able to speak about losing his friend Kurt, how much harder and longer will it be from losing Taylor who was a brother to him?

    A lot of us vicariously found healing and joy after Kurt’s death through the life and joy that Dave found and shared with us, and his lovable, playful, and Dad-like personality. Now his heart has been ripped out. Seriously, Dave has seemed indestructible for so long, but this loss could actually change that. Think about it, how much it has to hurt getting hit smack in the place of joy and love he enjoyed in his brother Taylor.

    So if you’re a praying person, pray for Dave and the Foos family. They need it.

    Demand nothing.

    Just send them love. Send support.

    Try to imagine what it had to take to bounce back from Kurt’s loss, and then having the brother in the middle of that place of joy suddenly taken away.

    Demand nothing, expect nothing. Dave soldiered on through so much to give us all joy in the years after Kurt’s death, and it’s easy to be used to the life that Dave poured out for us in his music and personality.

    Now it’s time for us to give back to him. Through love, patience, support. Remember that it was largely the unrelenting attention that made things so hard for Nirvana. Make sure not to echo any of that in the slightest now for Dave. He doesn’t need any more reminders or parallels.

    He just needs us to lift him up the way he lifted all of us up.

    Thank you, Dave, for all you’ve given us. We’re here for you, even if we don’t know how to be. Take all the time you need.

  • Thank you for this encouraging post that helped me get perspective on Dave’s and the band’s pain and need for privacy. I really miss them, but there are so many videos and interviews, plus Dave’s book, to connect with. I spend a lot of time learning more about them all and praying for their peace.

  • I always like to know the COD for health curiosity purposes. Like I’ll be 40 this year and he was what, 50? I like to find out how young, otherwise healthy people die wary so I can try and be more aware myself.

  • Beautiful article. I personally as a fan don’t care how he died it doesn’t change the a light has went out. I know my grief is nothing compared to his wife, children and close friends. I don’t see how they will be able to announce any funeral or memorial arrangements without it turning into a WBC circus. The Foo Fighters have trolled them a couple of different times when they were protesting outside their concerts. Having had to deal with WBC here in WV after a mining accident I have seen that they are relentless and trust me they are checking headlines daily watching for a chance to picket this beautiful person memorial with absolutely no regard for his wife and children.

  • I agree with the article wholeheartedly. I check the internet everyday, desperately searching for something as to what happened to him, if there’s a funeral, etc. I also acknowledge that it’s none of our business and I respect his family and loved ones privacy. That is what matters at the end of the day. But as a diehard, longtime fan, it’s agonizing and there’s simply no closure to the fans – the people that invested so much time and love into them. Without fans, no famous person would be famous. But again, it’s not our right or privilege to know. But I can say – Chris Cornell was my favorite singer and musician of all time, and he was far more famous than Taylor (not that that means he’s better, he just was) – but nothing was hidden about his death, funeral, and aftermath. For my own selfish reasons, I want to know what happened – or something. This blackout of information is agonizing. May sound absurd, but to the fans who loved and followed them for 25 years, the silence is deafening. Again, none of our business. But it’s the worst, most empty feeling with no way to navigate a way out.

    But at the end of the day – I wish his family love and peace, as well as the band and his loved ones. RIP Taylor. You will for ever be missed and cherished.

  • Alan, I’ve long been a fan of your work. Here and on air. When Kurt Cobain died, I only wanted to hear it from you frankly. Despite how unsurprising it was, only a DJ with gravitas like you could convince me it actually happened.
    Here again, you have spoken my heart. I said a number of these same things on social media myself including that I couldn’t process this event.

    We don’t have any control over what happened nor whether we’ll ever truly know either.
    That said, some information would allow for closure even the barest minimum of a confirmation.

    I only want it from a credible source however not some vague Colombian press release.

    I don’t want to engage in salacious gossip either I just want to know what happened to such a vivacious talent and put him to rest in my mind.

    RIP to an outlier- someone who worked hard and made it. We won’t see his like again soon.

  • It is hard to process not knowing what has happened at all. Given some of the statements from Colombia, it allowed for a “ story” to be created, which can effect how some people perceive him. It would be great to have this cleared up in some way, to restore his reputation that some media is already attempting to tarnish. I do feel so much for his family and friends, of which there were many. He seemed so full of light, humility, joy and passion. Still feeling the loss and it has other losses of family I have experienced in previous years.

  • I agree with everything you have said. I am still searching to understand, and fill a huge hole in my heart. Closure always helps us move on, but if I/we are feeling this way, I can not imagine how Taylor’s family and friends are feeling. Let’s all keep them in our thoughts and prayers and know that whatever we are feeling, it in no way compares to how horrible and sad, beyond words, they are feeling. Much love to his family (which includes his band mates and tour family) and all his friends, the world over.

  • Think it would be better if they just said Taylor having a private funeral. Autopsy not yet concluded.

    Say maybe no memorial and how Taylor would like to be remembered. A little statement from the foo fighters and family to help with closure for fans.

    Foos and family thank everyone for kind messages

    If more to it get manager to release statement in respectful way.

    It worse for them to deal with press and public if they say nothing.

    Maybe they will do that sooner the better.

  • I believe the issue has far more to do with a lack of formal acknowledgement of collective grief and a path to it’s expression.
    Protecting details, avoiding ugly press, the need for private retreat, and fully respecting the impact on those closest to him, are all very important and necessary.
    I am grateful that multiple LA rock stations had DJ’s so effected by his sudden passing that they came in on their day off and did live shows the very next day to help honor him. It gave us a place to go in that overwhelmingly sad moment.

  • The only thing Yoko Ono asked for the night of her husband’s murder was enough time to get home to her son before the news was released. That did not happen, as a news correspondent happened to be in the ER that night, leading to a ghastly report during a live broadcast of Monday Night Football by none other than Howard Cosell. In her amazing reverance to the public, she still managed to make a global statement the next day, announcing that in lieu of a funeral there would be a national moment of recognition in the days following. In her brilliance, she actually INVOLVED the media within a weeks time to blackout radio and television broadcasts for 10 full minutes for a moment of communal silence at a specific time. AND IT HAPPENED. A monumental feat to this day has never been seen again. She never discussed details, only provided us with a path to honor him. Which she continued to do throughout her entire life.

  • All I want to know is where did Taylor’s drug consumption came from?? Far as I know Dave gave up drugs many years ago and a few of the members got rehab??? It is truly not adding up? I really need more information on this, was something wrong with him or was there a fight between the members that caused him to lead to his death? So many things left unsaid?

  • I’d just like to know if Dave is alright. We know this hit him hard. It’s not the first time he’s tragically lost a close friend.

  • no you don’t need more information on this!
    was something wrong with him or was there a fight that led to his death?

    have some respect and stop thinking of yourself so highly!

  • Just my opinion ,could be a POSSIBLE case of how tour insurance will play out ….and… you never know who or what lawyer could be looking for a lawsuit and looking to find certain people accountable or liable for what might have led to the situation …..We don’t know…. and will probably never will….It COULD BE a case of someone working for the Foo organization in whatever role… “friends” who work for a band that, somewhere or somehow along the way, become enablers to keep their job. If boss says ” Hey, I want you to get me (WHATEVER)… a juggler… for my room after the show, it’s done and it’s waiting when they arrive. .They are just taking orders no matter what it is they are told…they do it ….or they get the boot at some point. Sometimes real friends know what’s going on…..and they know…..there’s nothing they can do about it…… they can only deal with it if they turn a blind eye to the speeding train that could derail at any time.

  • Remember the musician for he’s skill, for all that he did for the music industry, for the beats he continued to give us and for the energy, smiles, character and cheekiness he’s persona showed us.. He was a father, a friend and an awesome musician that didn’t hurt another person or break any law.. Judge the GREAT Taylor Hawkins based on the life he lived and not the way he went out, remember the man….. He’s a bloody rock god, RIP LEGEND 💔🤘🏻❤️🥁 #taylorhawkins #foofighters #rip
    Let Taylor be at Peace ☮️ xxxxx

  • Longtime fan, I’ve seen the Foos in concert twice. I cannot imagine a replacement, there just won’t be one, not for this band.
    They truly have given so much of themselves for us and I thought it was awful that pictures were released of the Coroner vehicle and of the band returning home.

    His wishes, and those of his family are all that matter and I too hope they were able to put him to rest on their terms with total privacy. As for the band, of course they are devastated and grieving as well. I did read an article about the legal/contracts/business issues that are complicated and the band has to deal with that during this time as well.

    Us Gen X’rs have seen a lot of guys who were our friends play in garage and bar bands. A rare few talents made it and we’ve witnessed their lives and losses.
    I think there’s a collective feeling for the Foos, like they were just playing in a garage, having a really good time together, especially when seen live.

    I feel for his kids, mine are the same ages.
    I’m not a celebrity but they would want privacy on my behalf as well. I hope it remains that way, for them.

    DG said something once about singing to 85,000 people and having them sing back to you for 85,000 different reasons. He can’t hear us now, but we’re still singing back. Always will.

  • I do not think they ever announced Andy’s cause of death. The stage manager who was also found dead in his hotel room last year.

    Maybe they’re doing the same here, but with Taylor it’s not going to silently go away so quickly. He won’t be forgotten, and his name should be cleared of the drug narrative.

  • Well, said. Here are my thoughts .. I am not surprised by the lack of “news”. Even in this day and age, there are internet “scrubbers” and legal teams that keep things quiet. It seriously would not surprise me if Dave, himself, implemented these tactics to protect all in the FF family. He’s been through this before. He knows what it takes to just get through the grief. When he is ready.. and ONLY when he is ready, I am sure Dave will come forward. I say leave them alone. FF fans won’t abandon them for taking this time and most will not feel like the FF “owe” them an explanation. Foo fans are not like that. They truly love this band and the guys in it. So.. give them their space and their time. They are first human beings and we don’t own them.

  • They don’t have to tell anyone shit.

  • I think now writing this 26th April, there is still no news at all. It’s like Taylor Hawkins disappeared in Columbia and just never returned. I understand for the family and close friends it’s a private time. But for long term fans it’s almost as if it didn’t happen. No news, nothing about a funeral, memorial, update of any kind. I don’t even mean cause of death, that is irrelevant. But to at least let the world know he had it will have a proper send off. I have never experience another celebrity death that no media outlets are hounding or writing more about “what happened”. The whole situation is beyond odd now.

  • Odd indeed!! Like everyone here, my heart is broken. I check everyday for some news that will help heal this enormous wound! Today, I found on several sites & can’t confirm, that Taylor’s wife, Alison would be attending the Jazz Festival in New Orleans this weekend. Supposedly with the RHCP to celebrate Taylor. ?????

  • Very strange and concerning. Devastated by the loss of Taylor Hawkins and ultimately the Foo Fighters – who doesn’t love the Foos??

    Why so much secrecy – is there more to this than the effects of prolonged drug abuse? Is there a more sinister ‘criminal’ side to his demise? Why release the urology tox report (which in all honesty, could prove us all to be opioid users over a 60 -90 day timeframe), and not the blood toxicology – which would nail it completely?

    With Alison Hawkins joining the RHCP to celebrate Taylor, it’s indicative the funeral has already occurred and begs the question, is the devastation as real as we imagine? It’s certainly changed my perspective on the supposed ‘ Foo-Family’ ethos.

    Strange indeed.

  • The utter and complete radio silence is bizarre – I don’t know of any other celebrity death covered up to this extent. We’re coming up to six weeks since Taylor’s tragic death and still nothing. Not one word from the people who supposedly loved and cared about him. Yes, they’re grieving – we’re supposed to believe. Not so grieving that they can’t enjoy a jazz festival though. Any excuses that I’ve seen online along the lines of “give them space, they need time” all fly out of the window thanks to the photograph I’ve seen today of a smiling Dave Grohl in New Orleans at the weekend. Like the comment above says, it certainly does change one’s perspective on how close they all apparently were. I had sympathy for Dave until I saw that photograph. Not any more. I guess this means the funeral has taken place (another oddity – not one paparazzi photo of that?) – so don’t they even have enough respect for the fans to tell them that? I’ve seen so many comments online from fans who are grieving so much and just want to know that Taylor has been laid to rest. And yet nothing. It angers me so much because these fans have invested so much in the Foo Fighters over the years. “Foo Family”? You must be joking.

  • I guess they don’t have to tell us a thing. It’s obvious he overdosed. It doesn’t matter if it was on purpose or not he’s gone. It’s not like we knew him personally (well most of us fans don’t) but it doesn’t make my heart hurt any less. I just wish they would say something.

  • Just some thoughts, possible insights, because I am also needing closure and feel in a way connected to some things Taylor talked about to the public.

    I haven’t seen any comments than included the fact that his doctor told him he had sleep apnea which is very hard to manage with the machine and mask that sometimes insn’t tolerated.

    He was very articulate in his interviews, extremely well-spoken and interesting, but many times Dave took over the direction of the conversation when it was clear Taylor had more to say . That doesn’t sit right with me. It’s also a little strange that the other band members didn’t get in on the interviews or had little to say.

    Taylor was very open about his childhood, being chubby and nerdy…
    Not very supported by his parents, his mom had “demons” ans wasn’t very present, and his dad- nothing he spoke of too highly.
    No mention of a family member that he could depend on which may or may not explain issues later in life. Maybe he was a rebel, black sheep of the family?

    He spent a lot of time helping kids, buying them drums or guitars, doing school assemblies where he gave some actual lessons and advocated to keep music and art in schools.

    He got through CoVid by turning his guest house into a studio where a few friends came to play songs, record, goof around (one who didn’t have anyone to isolate with.)

    As far as Dave Grohl… Not saying in any way my options are accurate ( just gut instinct), seems like a very controlling person, and Taylor’s big brother? Controlling people can be influential on a person who is struggling with anxiety/depression, especially considering he was older than Taylor who was “young and stiupid” and Dave knew that.
    From my own experience with mental health, as years go by and kids, busy family lives happen, it’s tough to not have that person around all the time. Then, The Coat Tail Riders band that Taylor named “because it was literally true compared to Dave’s band.

    He was always the “fun, lighthearted, kid at heart” person that naturally drew people to him. Sometimes that can be overwhelming and feels like a huge responsibility. To feel like you’ll be a failure or dissapintment if you can’t keep up with that even when people can never fathom him being anything but smiles and authenticity. It can be emotionally exhausting. Sometimes you don’t even realize you need a break. It’s your identity.

    He talked about being a perfectionist… another heavy weight to bare, especially in the shadow of Dave Grohl’s drumming.

    I’m thinking that music and performing made the rest of the crazy scary world noise go away, which he needed like breathing, as many anxiety ridden people do because they don’t have to pretend, cover up the mess inside.

    Clearly had chronic back pain, tendinitis, arthritis, as he said in Rolling Stone interview ( and band members in general) In one interview he was wearing a brace on his wrist. Another Grohl “behind the scenes ” publicity video or whatever it’s called, he went through each band member’s drawer in the studio. Taylor’s drawer had a jar of, “some Idunno stuff he puts on his wrists before he plays. ”


    The most well done interview with Rolling Stone in 2021 was before a concert that night. “I don’t feel right today. It’s like my leg isn’t connected to my body” ( maybe not exact words but close) .
    Stage fright? He said the adrelanine from from fear didn’t go away until halfway through a concert.
    Then he said (After not playing for a year) . “I felt like I could be there home taking care of everyone” (During Covid year off. )

    As for his cause of death? Yeah. I wanna know. When you don’t know is the dangerous part of anything so tragic. Does Dave Grohl owe his fans some kind of closure? Absolutely. We not only love him and empathize with his loss and past losses… but helped make him millions of dollars. Not that money should be important in an ideal world, but he would be nothing without fans. And he knew just what to say and do to keep the fans coming back like family.

    Finally… I have no idea when or if we’ll get any explanation or closure as people suffering real and valid grief ….
    In my experience with children and trauma, mysel include, They don’t want to be protected, they already know what social media trash exists, and they instinctually already know. Kids hear and see more things than most adults. And they remember. And unless they are kept in a cave they will hear, unfortunately , every story possible either from media or school, soccer games, etc. it’s a cruel world.

    Lastly, although I want to know something, anything. Even if it is “The investigation of the events preceding his death are ongoing and a statement will be disclosed.” I don’t need anything from Dave, unless admits guilt for pushing the band too hard., something anything close to that from him is what I would accept. I would think that someone from the band’s group of managers, publicity people, whatever, would give us something.

    I hate to say it, but something is very shady about the whole situation. Yet, another scary unknown to add to the already messed up world we are living in.

    His family is forever on my mind. Grief lasts a lifetime. ❤️❤️❤️

  • I really hope that they have a memorial concert for him, with all the great drummers filling in.

    Something similar to what Gov’t Mule did when Allen Woody died. They turned it into a celebration of the bass, and all the great bass players paid tribute. They also filmed a documentary.

  • I agree. The whole silence thing is very odd. Grohl must have unbelievable power to have the whole thing shut down. I do not think his fans are owed anything but I do think we deserve some updates. The cause of death does not matter at this point, but to know that a proper funeral was given would be comforting. It is making me believe that something is being hidden. It also points to drugs being a major player in this. I still don’t think they were- I truly think it was a cardiovascular event! Maybe he did take something that day. Maybe to deal with his extreme anxiety. Maybe to deal with being back on these grueling tours after the respite from covid. Taylor said that he loved his time with his family during the pandemic and that he was finally free from his extreme anxiety. Maybe being back was just too much for him physically and mentally. Drugs or not, it doesn’t change our love for him. He was a talented, genuine, selfless, caring human being. Years of concert videos, interviews, pictures prove that. Re. The jazz fest. It’s fine that the Foo Family was out and about. I’m sure they felt they had to be there since RHCP were honoring them. However this whole thing has made me love Taylor even more and like Dave Grohl even less! There is a lot more going on here that we don’t know.

  • To all those people saying Dave was controlling or Taylor suffered from major anxiety and what not. I think you all are wrong. First of all, if he was so anxious and afraid of the stage he wouldn’t even had a couple of other projects going on. He loved to get in front of the stage and sing Queen songs.

    Also, don’t forget the fact that they have been doing this NON STOP for 26 years!!!! If he was so depressed or anxious or whatever you are saying he was, he wouldn’t have lasted 5 years… heck, not even 2!

    What I really think is, either Dave or Taylor’s family want this to be silenced for some reason and it makes me believe it is the cause of death. It could’ve been drugs but honestly if it would’ve been that I think they would’ve just said it. I’m starting to think that it could go deeper than that… maybe suicide? hanging? or something really messed up that they don’t want to share and “shadow” Taylor’s image? I don’t know but either way, whatever it was the cause of death… it shouldn’t leave all the fans hanging and not having a proper funeral, memorial or celebration of his life concert or some sort of public (or private) event.

    It is weird that absolutely NOTHING is out there except a picture of Dave hugging somebody and the picture of the plane and what seems to be the casket and the black van. That’s it? Strange! That’s how powerful money is.. Dave is super rich (I believe somewhere over 200million networth) and I am sure he is not being cheap to keep this whole thing silenced but I really think it is F’ed up not really sharing anything with the fans.

    Seems like Dave gets super sad and isolates himself for a while (that’s how Foo Fighters was born after Kurt’s death) but at the same time… it’s not like Taylor was his son.. there is more people involved in this, as his actual real family (wife and kids) but, is Dave controlling the whole thing? or is it the Wife/Widow? What’s happening…? It’s been too long already and we don’t even know if he’s been buried, cremated or if his just laying at some coroner’s office or what?

    Was he getting high with Dave or any of the band members and he OD? And that’s why they don’t wanna say anything? I don’t know, I don’t believe in crazy theories like the covid shot or some stupid crap like that but this silence is just feeding people with crazy ideas.. Just man up, put your big boy pants and freaking tell us what happened and just give the guy a proper funeral man, come on!

  • Reply to Ramone Romero April 14th…..Insightful, well spoken and sincere. Nailed it.

  • You can find videos all over of Dave speaking at Lemmy’s funeral, but we can’t find what he said about Taylor. I mean, to not even have a memorial service is just bizarre.

  • Well, so many great comments on here that are honest about the “foo family’s” feelings. I’ve been banging on about this and want to give up, because it’s weird and hurts. Many people have said we don’t deserve to know, but I think we do. We’re family, right? Obviously not. Unless it finally comes out, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Dave Grohl.
    My opinion about Taylor’s mental health was that it was somewhat fragile. He grew up with an alcoholic mother. I read a direct quote from him saying that. His mother believed in him. He said his sister would take over and feed the kids when his mother was out of commission. No mention of the father, so there’s that. Distance. Taylor admitted to doing a lot of drugs and loved doing them. This is very hard to put away, and recovery gnaws away at you. You remember the good ole days, but you just can’t partake. I know because I’m an alcoholic and opiate addict in recovery. The problem in the urine tox report for me was the opiates. You. Just. Can’t. Take them. Unless you’re severely injured in the hospital. I was an athlete growing up, had many falls, and then moved heavy antique furniture around for my business for many years. Herniated discs and episodes of not being able to move put me on the opiate path… starting in my twenties with Tylenol 3 to Hydrocodone to Oxy to Fentanyl. I can never go back. So that part of the tox if true was curious. Benzos are also a no-no for any self described addict because it is addictive. And alcohol. The gateway drug, hands down. Taylor suffered from anxiety for sure, but ya gotta find an alternative. The opposite side of the coin of anxiety is depression. They go hand in hand. I’m not a doctor, but it takes one to know one. I am a gregarious, fun loving person. The one cracking jokes and keeping my long time friends entertained. We hide our sadness, because it’s too painful to give in to. And we don’t want to break the façade. We dance as fast as we can. Plus the stigma. And Dave admitted he has never done addictive drugs. I think he’s a drinker though, and takes license. So Taylor had to keep a lot of his deepest feelings to himself, probably from his wife, protecting his children, but it’s so damn hard to deal with NOT doing drugs to function. Because they work. I’m in pain every day, and grit my teeth not to take anything. So hard. Taylor’s ticker was indeed faulty, and his doctor that told him he was just an athlete has a lot to answer for. Yet, they must have done cardiac testing, and saw the heart was big. Otherwise, how can you form that opinion? Taylor was given a clean bill of health and sent on his way. Ok, let’s just say, maybe it was Taylor that had the medical emergency last December. A guess. It had to be for something, and it was all covered up. I still can’t figure out how Dave does it. Money, sure. But talk and the internet, no way. It’s his super power akin to being in 2 block buster rock bands. There is a story here. A tale, I’m thinking. A complex picture. Listen to Taylor’s own lyrics carefully. It’s in there. I just wish we knew something. Anything. We ain’t too proud to beg. But as it drags on and on, it really pisses me off.

  • Yeah, I think it’s pissing off many of us. It’s dragging on like nothing I’ve ever known – isn’t it 7 weeks now?

    A couple days ago Dave Grohl was at a Supergrass concert – there’s a photo of him on Insta showing him smiling and clearly having fun. If I didn’t know better I’d think the photo was taken prior to March 25th. He looks like he hasn’t a care in the world. I think at this point I have zero respect left for the guy. I mean, come on, how does he do this? Why hasn’t someone asked him – “Hey man, got anything to say about Taylor?” What would he say / do if someone did?

    Also – didn’t they all come back to LA after Taylor died, without his body? (Maybe I’m wrong on that?) Couldn’t Dave even stay with Taylor in Colombia and bring his body back? That’s what friends do, right??

    Have the last 20 years been a lie? I’m done with FF. Done. I really care about what happened to Taylor and I’d like to know the truth, drugs or heart condition or whatever the hell killed him. I just want to know, to understand why. I think we all would. And as for those saying they don’t owe us a thing – I disagree. Who supported them, bought their records, merchandise, went to their concerts? Who made them who they are today?

    I could care less about Dave Grohl now, and I know I’m not the only one. He has alienated some of us thanks to how he’s behaved since Taylor’s death.

    I do still care about Taylor though, and I can only hope he’s at rest. RIP man.

  • Like many of you I can’t believe the Foo fighters haven’t released a further statement. We can assume a private funeral has taken place which I can fully understand but not releasing a statement to that effect I find very strange! Not even a mention of a memorial service!

    Sadly there will be journalists out there trying to dig up the dirt to get the scoop!

    I came across this article in a UK tabloid a couple of days ago!

    RIP Taylor Fly High

  • Quaffin83, and Fee, I’m glad it’s not just me that’s got their panties in a twist. And I agree, music fans and their hard earned dollars did it all for Dave. Dave is very driven. (I worry for his own health actually), and has developed an iron fist. I know Taylor didn’t want his kids to think of him as an addict from an earlier article. He didn’t like talking about it in depth. I could understand if Dave now was trying to protect Taylor’s legacy, but this is a previous pattern of behavior from Dave. The big cover ups. Blackout news. No comment. You gotta know Dave is hurting. Maybe, with the benefit of the doubt, he thinks Taylor would want him to keep smiling, living large and being positive. Dave is cool, but Taylor gave the band a cooler, sexier, more real vibe. And we adored him. And we get nothing. Zip. We need the truth, and closure for sure. Otherwise, the talk to the hand thing from Dave ain’t gonna fly anymore. Maybe Dave sees these comments. Dave, come on now, the musical world has expressed their grief for Taylor with tribute after tribute. What the hell are you waiting for?
    – He probably doesn’t give a shit what we think anyway.

  • Yes- enough time has passed. It is time for some information. Our love for Taylor will never wane. Just a Great Guy. I think fans can handle the truth at this point- we want answers. The Foo Fighters would not be who they are without the fans. Dave Grohl is a genius. You have to give him credit for that. The brains behind the band, successful in every endeavor he created. Music, books, videos, documentaries, movies…( I didn’t care for the most recent one). But people still liked it. Based on Dave’s historic nature, one would assume that he is in control of this. But here’s the deal- you wanted fame and fortune, please support those who gave you those gifts with the truth. Or, if you want to remove that fame and fortune by restricting what your fans see and read after March 25th, then remove it all. Remove everything related to the Foo Fighters for the last 28 years. Get those internet scrubbers to erase it all. Go back to square one with no fame nor fortune. It will all be forgotten in time.

  • I agree with a lot of points that are being raised. I know that as fans we don’t really need to know everything that is going on in their personal lives. However, they are where they are because of the fans!! And, we don’t want to know bc we are being nosey- we want to know so that we could have closure.

    I don’t understand why everything is being kept so quiet. It makes me wonder if there is something more to this story that they are trying to hide. I don’t think true foo fighter fans are going to be disrespectful or are going to judge. Tell us he had a proper funeral and that will do. A memorial, a tribute etc. He deserves that, the fans deserve that!! We don’t even need to know the cause of death.

    I also saw the pictures of Dave at jazz fest and then the other night at a concert. He looks great and I’m happy that he looks great and happy. However, what bothers me is that when Kurt died he was so devastated he couldn’t even listen to music. He only knew Kurt for what- 4 years? He has known Taylor for a quarter of his life and he is already out and about. Please, don’t get me wrong- I’m happy that he is at peace, I just find it odd. For some reason something isn’t sitting right with me. I know that everyone mourns differently, I get that. It’s not that I think that the foo fighters need to be locked indoors and not show their face for an extended period of time however, attending concerts, taking pictures that are being posted on Instagram- isn’t sitting right with me. Honestly I have no right to judge and I know that life goes on.

    Someone made a comment about the foo fighters returning home without Taylor’s body. Their tour manger Gus apparently remained with Taylor, but I was also shocked that Dave did not. Again, who am I to judge? I love the foo fighters! I love their music and everything they stand For but , maybe things weren’t really what they seemed. I hope I’m wrong!

  • I just read the new Rolling Stones’ article about Taylor, (thanks Fee for posting the link). I think more and more information is going to come out about how Taylor really felt and that will not make Grohl and Foo’s management look good. I had my suspicions. You know what they say, if it looks too good to be true….

    One of the reasons I became a big Foo’s fan was, obviously their music, but even more so, their connection and the closeness they had with each other. To think that in the last year or so this may not have been the case devastates me!

    Honestly, after reading this recent Rolling Stones’ article, I don’t see Foo Fighters continuing. The crazy part is all of the irony. Grohl saying they will never break up bc it is stupid to do so after so many years together, like grandparents divorcing, etc. the Studio 666 movie where Dave kills everyone off and goes solo. It was put out there in the universe and now look at what has happened.

    I honestly don’t know how to feel right now. I’m sad, upset, angry, hurt, etc. I want to believe that everything I ever thought of Foo Fighters is true. I’m sure many fans want to believe the same thing. However, Rolling Stones’ recent article has left me with some doubt.

    Is it time for Dave Grohl to speak up? I certainly think so.

  • Matthew Cameron said his words were taken out of context in the Rolling Stones’ article. I really want to believe that all was ok with Foo Fighters at the time of Taylor’s death. In my earlier post, I may have jumped to conclusions and believed everything in the article. I should have known better.

    Taylor maybe was having a hard time with the touring schedule and that his stage fright may have been getting worse, however, I am going to choose to believe that Dave, Taylor and the rest of the guys truly had genuine love and respect for each other. I’m going to leave it at that.

  • Wow. Read the Rolling Stone article. Stunned really. Heartbreaking all around, quite literally. Taylor’s heart just gave out. Any drugs in his system were there to keep him going, and get the drumsticks up for a mega-monster Grohl tour. There are enough quotes in that article to make it believable that Taylor was daunted by the quantity of shows. And worried about himself. Instinct and intuition are often overruled by oneself, and others. Dave burns the candle at both ends. You gotta wonder about that. What his f’in problem is. All the b-slap downs by the Foo Fighters “management” seem disrespectful, overly controlling, oppressive and downright rude. Reeks of guilt, shame, inability to cop to any situation. Taylor wasn’t “dehydrated” on the plane, he had a serious heart condition. Poor baby. He passed out unconscious. Why didn’t Dave listen to his brother? I’m going to assume Taylor discussed it with him, and was concerned about pounding out 60 shows. He confided in Matt who knows all about the intensity of those hard rock performances. Dave is gonna grieve hard, and being out smiling/drinking/foot stomping at rock shows seems about right. Soul chaos. Responsibility. The bottom line, however, is that this was going to happen no matter what. Taylor didn’t have a pacemaker or open heart surgery, so it was a matter of time. My guess is that Dave has no idea what to say, and never will say it thinking it will all subside and fade away. Even in himself. But that’s not the case. Taylor was special and won’t be forgotten. Now we kinda know the deal. This feels like a bit of closure for me. I’m surprised any friends talked to RS, so you have to wonder about the candor in the face of wrath from Dave. They said it. It’s out there, and we know. Peace to the Hawk. God bless him, and those that hurt so much whom he left behind. 🤘🏾❤️‍🔥

  • Oh boy, the backtracking has begun. The scrub down. What did they think would happen confiding to a Rolling Stone journalist? They thought it was a tribute article, but they say that in their “tribute”?! Sounds more like a confessional. Somebody is pissed with their hair on fire and gonna bbq all night.

  • Why would Chad and Matt open up like that? They should have known better. Even if what they said is true, they should have kept it to themselves. You definitely do not share that kind of information with the press! This has caused such an uproar for all those involved: Taylor’s family, Foo Fighters, etc. Not to mention the fans! It is out there now! It cannot be taken back regardless of how many apologies both Matt and Chad post.

    Think of what this might do to the Foo Fighters’ brand! If Foo Fighters had any intention of continuing somewhere down the road without Taylor, this fiasco just set it back, or even worse, squashed it!

    Why don’t people think before they speak? I know we have all been there at one time or another where we put our foot in our mouth, but we aren’t in the limelight, our faux pas won’t get blasted all over the internet.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Chad or Matt, but I wish they had kept their mouth shut. Maybe their words were taken out of context and they never intended it to go down this path, however, their wrongdoing, along with Rolling Stone’s wrong doing just created one big mess that is going to take a while to clean up-if it is even possible!

    So angry and upset right now!

  • I’m not upset people close to Taylor opened up. Obviously, it was on their minds under the circumstances. Information of some sort was bound to leak out as there was zero news from the Foos-Dave. I think Matt and Chad were scolded and had to retract. The very sad part for me was the vague diagnosis. A big heart. No problem. Keep on keepin on. Taylor I’m sure started to feel vulnerable and had symptoms. He must have been scared when he fell unconscious on the plane last December, and was reassessing his priorities. That wasn’t that long ago. But he had to buck up for the grand world tour. Maybe his wife begged him not to go. Maybe Taylor did talk to Dave, but Dave was happy go lucky about it, and encouraged him not to worry about it. Those details and innuendos will remain private and secret. Maybe Dave feels horrible now and responsible. My feeling is that the doctors were responsible who treated Taylor. Maybe they told him it was serious and sudden death was a risk. Who knows. What we do know is that Taylor wasn’t up for 60 hard core shows. That’s 180 hours of full blast drumming.

  • To be honest I’m not sure what to make of the Rolling Stone article. Two well-known musicians who have been around for many years, surely they would know which journalists/media outlets to trust!! Would they have asked to see the article before publication?

    On the other hand, the media are looking for headlines! I’m sure this rumble on for sometime.

  • but if you compare his latest interviews, with the problems of anxiety, panic, the diagnosis of the big heart … the words of chad and matt take on an important meaning. i love dave too much but to think that he hasn’t doubted after diagnoses and fainting makes me sick. among other things, from the videos of the last few years he was very thin and with a very hollow face. maybe it’s just my impression but I think he was down pretty badly …

  • Interesting how there has been complete silence from the Foos folks up until now.
    How ironic a Foos representative decided to finally speak up and comment regarding the Rolling Stone interview. Sadly Taylor is not here to defend himself while the speculations continue on. Such a tragedy.

  • I’m coming to the conclusion that Taylor was using drugs, hence the silence from the band and his family. What other reason could there be for not wanting to clear his name? Drug use, coupled with his previous OD, can cause an enlarged heart and caused him to have a heart attack. Maybe not an OD, but a contributing factor.

  • I’m coming to the conclusion that Taylor was using drugs, hence the silence from the band and his family. What other reason could there be for not wanting to clear his name of rumors of drug use? Drug use, coupled with his previous OD, can cause an enlarged heart and caused him to have a heart attack. Maybe not an OD, but a contributing factor.

  • Long-time Foo Fighters fan here. I’ve been reading this thread for the past few months and have a few thoughts. This whole thing feels wrong. FF has always been my comfort band and now I find myself feeling broken when I listen to them. Knowing what happened to Taylor would make this grief process easier, and as much as I wish a statement would be made, we need to respect the remaining band members. It’s difficult on us, but imagine how difficult it is for them. Maybe they aren’t emotionally ready to make a statement… maybe they aren’t ready to answer tough questions… and maybe they don’t know what the future holds for right now. Yes, it’s been months, but please give them time to grieve. Also, so many conspiracy-like theories popping up. Why are we judging the way Dave is grieving, and comparing it to how he grieved deaths in the past? Let’s keep it respectful.

  • People seem to be forgetting his has children. Think about Kurt’s death and how public that was and the impact on his kid etc. Taylor didn’t want his legacy to be drugs and said he didn’t want his kids knowing/reading – so obviously the silence is to protect his wishes. A statement stirs up media and speculation and his children will hear about that. Clearly what happened to him is drug related, amongst other things as stated in rolling stone. This is all to protect his wishes, his legacy and his children.

  • There is the possibility that a medical forensic/malpractice suit is in the works. This 50 year old was rushed to the hospital in a medical emergency, off an airplane, 3 months prior to his death. His bandmates and insuring company of course realized he had some sort of a real health issue. At the very least, he had a significant health event prior to the South American tour – resulting in the cancelling of a very lucrative show in the middle east. I’m guessing his “company” and his friends/family/band were satisfied after the sign-out of the hospital, that he was good to go on tour and that his own doctor (who he talks about as alternative in his last Rolling Stone interview) approved the tour even knowing he had an enlarged heart. If I was his wife that is what I would be concerned with: did the doctors miss something? Was he on the right medications? I’m guessing the other chems in his blood were helpful drugs so not mentioned. Or, guys, sometimes people do just die of heart failure. I have many friends whose dads died in their 50s. I don’t think Dave or anyone is at liberty to say anything about cause of death. I think it is under investigation all the way back to ongoing care and the Chicago incident just weeks before his death.

  • So they just now posted that there will be a memorial concert for Taylor in UK and LA and ticket will go one sale soon.
    Does anyone else find this weird?
    They have still said NOTHING about cause of death or made any real statement and yet suddenly there is this lucrative tribute concert…am I just being overly cynical or does anyone else feel instinctively weird about it?

  • Ok so I’m feeling so bothered by something and I wonder if anyone here feels the same…
    On Taylor’s instagram page they just announced a tribute concert and then alison followed up with a post about how his fans are loved and respected….
    I will start by saying I have nothing but well wishes for his family.
    But does it strike anyone as odd and fairly disrespectful that despite total radio silence about cause of death and any information at all… we are now asked to pay money to go to a tribute concert? If you respect and love fans you let them know what happened. Before expecting them to shell out money that will hopefully go to his family.
    I don’t know… just gave me a weird gut feeling.

  • Unfortunately I’m too poor to attend a tribute show for Taylor. 😢 Maybe at the tribute they’ll let fans knows where Taylor is buried , if he has been……In the meantime, I respect everyone’s need for privacy, it’s difficult to have a parent or siblings death blasted on social media. In the meantime I plan to just remember Taylor as a talented and superior drummer, and am still saddened by his passing.
    R.I.P. Taylor
    Much love to the family and to The Foos.

  • I guess the answer to the original question posed here is no…
    The tribute show is today and I feel so much sadness mixed with a lot of love, but also a huge amount of frustration…
    To be truly honouring Taylor’s memory the truth should be told about what happened. I don’t know if this has not happened because they have been gagged due to the obvious possible cause (v) or because they just don’t think people need to know…but for me, Taylor was the purest most honest and down to earth soul and deserves better than his legacy to be marred with rumpur and speculation.
    I wish someone would have had the courage to actually tell the truth.
    Either way I will love and honour him forever.


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