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Details finally begin to emerge about the death of Taylor Hawkins. What really happened? [With updates on the fallout from this article]

It’s been two months since a call went out from Casa Medina, a Four Seasons property, in an area of Bogotá, Colombia called Chapinero. It was 7:40 pm on Friday, March 25, and a guest was complaining of severe chest pains. But by the time EMS responders showed up, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins was gone.

Since then, fans have been kept in the dark. What was the cause of death? Where was the official toxicology report? What did the autopsy say? When and where was the funeral? Why has there been complete radio silence from the band? And how is it possible that no information has leaked out?

The news blackout surrounding Taylor’s death has been airtight. Until now.

A story in Rolling Stone entitled “Inside Taylor Hawkins’ Final Days as a Foo Fighter” was published online late Monday night (May 16). Some 20 people close to Taylor were interviewed (including Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron, RHCP’s Chad Smith, and Taylor’s drum tech, Chad “Yeti” Ward ) and they helped shed some light on Taylor’s physical and mental health leading up to that night in Bogotá.

The article is a must-read, and although some of the details and assertions made have been met with either denials or no comment from the Foos organization, it could fill in some important blanks. (For background, you can read what I’ve written on Taylor’s death here and here.) I should also mention the Rolling Stone article confirms a few things I’ve heard through various backdoor channels.

Let’s take things one by one.

Taylor’s Drug Use

After falling into a two-week coma after an OD in 2001, Taylor claimed to have gone straight. Those close to him say that he threw his energies into mountain biking and other fitness activities. And hard drugs on a show day? Never.

But What About the Infamous Toxicology Report?

That was a preliminary report out of Colombia issued within about 24 hours of his death. And yes, it listed ten different substances apparently found in his system, including marijuana, opioids, tricyclic antidepressants, and benzodiazepines via a urine sample and not a full blood panel. Even today, though, there’s never been an official report from the US confirming that, nor do we know the actual concentrations and combinations of these medications.

Opioids? Probably prescription painkillers. As a drummer myself, I can speak to the pains older drummers develop: carpal tunnel, arthritis, nerve damage, lower back problems, and aches from the fingertips up the arms to the shoulders and neck. (See below for more.)

(One of my sources says that the family has been disputing this toxicology report.)

Okay, so why were any drugs in his system?

Opioids could have been prescribed as a painkiller. Rolling Stone says that the rigors of playing drums for three hours a night in a band as intense as the Foo Fighters were taking a toll on Taylor’s body. I quote: “[Taylor was] “trying really hard to figure out how to continue to keep the intensity of a young man in a 50-year-old’s body, which is very difficult.”

The benzos and anti-depressants could have been related to Taylor’s chronic stage fright. You’d never know it to watch the Foos perform, but Taylor was apparently having serious insecurity issues about not being good enough to be in the band like the Foos. The article says that Taylor felt as if he were “in hell.”

The “powder-like” substances allegedly found in his hotel room? Rolling Stone says there was definitely no cocaine present. And any junkie will tell you that there’s no way you can shoot up on a show day, especially if you’re going to play as hard as Taylor did.

I quote: “Taylor never played fucked up in his life. He always played sober as can be. That was a show day. So for somebody to say that he was doing drugs that day, that is just about the most false thing anybody could ever say about him.”

An overdose? Nope. Not likely at all. In fact, I’d rule it out completely.

What About His Enlarged Heart?

When he died, a preliminary report said his heart weighed 600 grams, twice the weight of a man his age and size. As I said, Taylor became a fitness fanatic after his heroin “extended nap” (his words) in 2001. And as any drummer will tell you, playing night after night is a physical workout akin to running a marathon. Taylor and his doctor knew about his “runner’s heart” (his doctor’s words) for quite some time before his death. It is also possible to have a cardiac collapse without drugs being the trigger. After an incident last December (see below), Taylor eased up on the mountain biking to give his heart a break.

So to all the anti-vaxxers who say that his enlarged heart was a side effect of a COVID vaccine, get lost. His heart was that size long before the pandemic.

It was also known that Taylor suffered from sleep apnea, which if left untreated can lead to other health issues.

Was It Taylor That Forced the Foo Fighters to Cancel their F1 Appearance Last December?

Apparently. If you remember the story, the Foos were scheduled to play a post-race gig at the last F1 race of the season in Abu Dhabi last December 12. The band flew private from LA to Chicago where they were scheduled to connect with a scheduled Etihad flight to the Middle East. However, the gig was canceled when an unnamed member of the band was taken to the hospital in Chicago. (This confirms what I heard from one of my sources.)

According to Rolling Stone, that member was Taylor. He lost consciousness on the private jet and was rushed to the hospital upon landing.

I quote Chad Smith: “He just said he was exhausted and collapsed, and they had to pump him full of IVs and stuff. He was dehydrated and all kinds of stuff.” The specifics of the collapse are still unknown.

Management says “This is not true.”

Taylor Was Exhausted

After the scare in Chicago, Rolling Stone alleges that he had a “heart-to-heart” with Dave and Foos management, saying that he couldn’t take the pace anymore and that they had to figure something out. He was genuinely worried that he wouldn’t be able to handle all the post-COVID rescheduled dates that the Foos had around the planet. (Foos management says there was no “heart-to-heart.”)

I quote: “He tried to keep up,” [Matt] Cameron says. “He just did whatever it took to keep up, and in the end he couldn’t keep up.”

I quote Yeti: “He was looking anorexic there for a while. Right before they left for South America [this year] he told me, ‘Man, Yeti, you’d be so proud of me. I got a trainer. I’m doing things right. I’ve gained 15 pounds already. I’m getting things back on track.’ He was definitely stressed out over the last couple years, because he definitely was showing it in his weight.”

Chad Smith: “In the last few months, he was getting into lifting weights and drinking these electrolytes and was really trying to do things to help play at the level that he wanted to play at.”

Bottom line is that we still don’t know why Taylor died. But if this information is true, some of the misinformation that’s been circulating can be exposed and speculation debunked.

Again, you need to read the entire article in Rolling Stone. Now that information is starting to flow, there’s bound to be more as the taboo on reporting on this story is broken. We can debate on issues involving privacy and the wishes of Taylor’s family and the rest of the Foo Fighters, but that all may soon be moot.

UPDATE: Matt Cameron is now distancing himself from the Rolling Stone article. He says his remarks were “taken out of context.” Same thing with Chad Smith. He says he was taken out of context, too.

Interesting. Either their words were manipulated to create a specific narrative OR someone had a word with both these guys about the article.

BONUS: This.

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46 thoughts on “Details finally begin to emerge about the death of Taylor Hawkins. What really happened? [With updates on the fallout from this article]

  • This feels more real to me. I saw an interview when the Foo Fighters were recently in Australia, and Dave was talking about being so excited to be back on the road and playing live, and Taylor stated that he really enjoyed just being at home with his family. I read not only himself and others state that he need to be as clear headed as possible to play at the level he did, so could not drink or use anything else on show day.

    I always felt that Taylor had a level of vulnerability , believing that he was not worthy or good enough as he was. I thought it came through in nearly every interview, and there were times when he described himself in negative terms.

    Yet there have been no statements previous to this to challenge the assumption about this being an overdose, damaging his reputation. I am glad his friends in the industry are now on record and I hope that a correction of previous assumptions about Taylor occurs.

  • I’ve heard that the family are launching legal proceedings against the Foo Fighters and that’s why there is a “no comment” blackout from the Foo Fighters management. Things are not looking good, unfortunately.

  • Yup, no surprise, Dave just plain wore him out. Grohl is everywhere, way past over-exposure – just look back at last couple years. All other bands were taking it easy – Grohl was in the news nearly everyday. Read his book. He can’t sit still. Sure, he’s a strong performer and front man, but lay off the caffeine Dave and give yourself and band a breather once in a while. You wore out your “brother”. Was it really worth it. Such a sad and unnecessary ending for Taylor and his family.

  • The Rolling Stone article reflects really badly on Dave and the band. If what his friends are saying is true and he tried to talk to Dave about reducing the schedule after his collapse in Dec 21- and he was ignored, that is really messed up. And the Foo Fighter rep repeatedly saying “not true” or “no comment”? Are we meant to believe that Chad Smith, Matt Cameron and Sass Jordan are all lying? Something really stinks here…

  • Finally. A plausible explanation to what could have happened and why the need for a blackout of information. I believe Chad Smith 100%. He seems like a genuine guy that has Taylor’s best interest at heart. His legacy and his reputation. Bless him and the others that care enough to come forward. I never thought drugs were the cause of death. Ever! An enlarged heart is irreversible, terminal and has a bad prognosis. 5 years at best. I am certain that Taylor would have wanted to spend this time with his family. Not touring. Especially not touring in a 60 concert tour in 2022. Add that up. That’s close to 300 days being away from home. Adding travel, setup, days between that aren’t feasible to fly home. Like South America. 5 week tour. Long flights. Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil. The flight from Argentina to Colombia is 9 hours. This excludes the original flight to South America. Brutal. This information proves it. He was pushed beyond measure. What still peeves me is that the Foo Camp (Dave) did not correct the drug narrative released from Colombia. Shame on them. Is this the reason? Because Dave knew and did nothing? People will say that Taylor could have quit on his own. Just quit. But can you imagine the pressure to stay? He has always been submissive to Dave. I guess T thought he was indebted to him for the fame. I wish the family would speak up. Not the Foo Fighters- because they would probably do anything at this point to salvage their brand. I wouldn’t believe them now. It should be from the family.

  • C’mon, you can’t seriously believe that. It is not optimal, but at some point you have to look out for number 1, and Taylor could’ve sat dates out if he so chose…

    The only guy who’s opinion holds weight can’t answer for himself anymore, now can he?

  • Thank you Alan. We are at a crossroads. The rubber has met the road. The comments made to Rolling Stone seem honest and not shapeshifted. You can’t get the same story of burnout from different people for a “tribute” article. Rolling Stone should make a statement if these comments were taken out of context or gathered under false pretenses. Rolling Stone is not the National Inquirer. I think the journalist got gold for fans who have been waiting, and sad. Let down by the news void. Taylor’s wife may very well be legally questioning the heart doctor and the Foo machine. She lost her husband decades too soon, and the children are without a father during their most formative years. Enlarged hearts are not a mystery. Tall NBA players have them and know the risks and shorter life expectancies. That said, it’s wonderful to put to rest the lurid drug tales of Bogota.

    Dave…maybe it was all too good to last buddy. You can replace band members (if they so desire) with 20-somethings to match your boundless energy and ambition. Hell, you can do 2,000 shows in a row. And perhaps they shouldn’t have wives and young kids at home. You are amazing Dave and the world has been at your feet.

    But the dodging and weaving of the “Secrets of the Foodom” couldn’t last forever. So here we are.

  • I find the issue of Taylors enlarged heart concerning, as did this medical practitioner check for other cardiac disease or just assume his heart was enlarged by his vigorous exercising. Either way, it seemed that Taylor was not overly concerned at first.

    I wonder if he started experiencing some symptoms of cardiac disease such as shortness of breath, and felt this was related to aging and touring, when it was the underlying cardiac issue.

    Was the incident on the plane also cardiac related with known symptoms such as shortness of breath and fainting and potential electrolyte imbalances.

    It would be concerning when Dave spontaneously, according to himself in an interview decides to come to Melbourne Australia for a one off concert without consulting bandmates, especially when one had been so unwell recently. Travelling to high altitude places such as Bogata would also have been problematic.

    I wonder what medical clearance was obtained for this? Did multiple medical practitioners miss potential cardiac issues. Was enough care taken of a vulnerable band member, who was anxious about touring.

    It seemed that Taylor had intuited that something was not right with his health. I also would imagine it would be very difficult to stop the Foo machine once it had started and change tour plans, especially if Dave was keen to keep going.

    Why did no one stop the narrative about drug use and overdoses?

    Anyway, these are nothing more than hypotheses.

    I am sad this happened to Taylor, and for his family and friends.

  • >An enlarged heart is irreversible, terminal and has a bad prognosis
    Speaking as someone who’s been alive for 15+ years now after that diagnosis, none of these things are true.

  • I think it’s disgusting that other band members be almost sound like they are blaming Dave Grohl. He has a family too, I am pretty sure they all know this is a business and have to do what they have to do, like everyone else in the music industry or Hollywood. But to make someone feel guilty, Hawkins being Dave Grohls best friend , always at his bedside should something happen is just wrong. Everyone is responsible for their own decisions in life, and I love all the Foo Fighters but don’t blame any of them, as they too did the same amount of time and shows, understandable that drums are very hard on the body, but those contracts are what they are and it is a business

  • Great article but you are potentially off about the heart being an issue way before the pandemic. He talks about his enlarged heart in a previous RS article, which was in late 2021.
    He had just found out about it then.

  • KJ, for shits and giggles, what percentage of a chance do you think a large heart has to do with Covid vaccines? We have no idea if and when Taylor got one, or how many? How long does a heart take to grow twice as big? A few weeks, months, years? Where is your medical information coming from? I bet you’ve had a bunch of vaccines in your life, and if you have children…? Any vaccinations? These arguments are squirrely guesses and based more on emotion than facts. Not trying to pick a fight. And sTim, a large heart is irreversible and a ticking time bomb, yet Taylor seemed to think it wasn’t problematic. Maybe he did after passing out on the plane, and then reconsidered his life choices and energy placement. Maybe Dave said, “Don’t worry about it dude! Life is for living. Do the tour.” Yet I think if it was a serious health scare, Dave would totally understand. What we don’t know is if Taylor knew how serious this was, and WHY NOT. He should have been informed properly by a respected cardiologist and tested for everything. And Dave should get a total work up too. Cholesterol, etc. All us middle aged rockers need to know more as science has come a long way. There’s even a “Grail” blood test now to check for any developing Cancer in the body, and where it is. I just hope Taylor didn’t suffer a frightful passing, and Dave didn’t see it. Awful to think about.

  • STim,
    I apologize for that statement in my post about an enlarged heart being irreversible, terminal and having a bad prognosis. I had never heard of it and went down a rabbit hole of research trying to understand it. That was one of the answers I found. I did learn (through Mayo and Webmed) that it’s the causes that determine the treatments, prognosis etc… there were many. Pregnancy and infection which result in short term enlargement. Then also many more causes that cause permanent damage. I am really just so devastated by the loss of Taylor, and also the lack of information given to his fans. I guess we just need to accept this loss, continue honoring him, and continue praying for his family. Again, I am sorry, I stand corrected and wish you a life of health and happiness going forward.

  • The Foo Fighters should have been called “Dave Grohl and his Foo Fighters”. Dave’s an incredibly talented musician but the Foos were a vehicle for him to express his creativity – Hawkins is on record as saying that the Foos were not a democracy. It was very much Dave’s band.

    And, going by several published interviews, Hawkins simultaneously wanted to be part of the band, looked up to Dave, and chafed against the lack of opportunity for him to be more creative within the band. He really seemed to struggle to assert himself with Grohl, even though they were best friends.

    I think the Rolling Stones article sounds credible. Hawkins often expressed dissatisfaction with being in the Foos in interviews, but never followed it up with action. I think it’s entirely possible that he had a heart to heart with Grohl and said the touring schedule was too much, and that Dave/management just dismissed it as Hawkins moaning again, and placated him but did not take what he said seriously.

    I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a formal inquest to determine the cause of Hawkins’ death and whether or not the working pressures, or drugs, were responsible for Hawkins’ death. So many unanswered questions. Was the pressure of work to blame? An article published well before Hawkins’ death mentioned that a doctor had told him he had an enlarged heart – ‘the heart of a runner’. Was that to blame? If it was known that he had an enlarged heart, should the scheduling of the tour have been done in a way that took account of that, ie less dates? Did he definitely take opioids just hours before a performance? His former roadie says that would be totally out of character. Can Colombian investigations be regarded as credible?

    Maybe there has been an inquest and it has just been hushed up?

  • He was diagnosed with an enlarged heart during the pandemic. No one has exact dates for vaccines and boosters so no one can intelligently make any claim about it. But we know it is a documente side effect. Also the lawsuit against foo fighters seems to have it’s own implications. All I know is, Dave’s ego seems to have run the show from day one. I am just devastated that the world and his family had to lose such an amazing musician and beautiful person.

  • I’m assuming that all members of the band would have had a medical for insurance purposes (all members being over 50).
    As Elizabeth mentioned a 60 date tour & all the travel, would certainly take it’s toll on a healthy 20 something never mind a 50 something (Pat Smear over 60)!

  • I think it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that we will ever hear about what truly happened to Taylor Hawkins. The Rolling Stone article was interesting and enlightening, and I think that Chad and Matt were asked or ‘told to’ distance themselves from the interview. Odd that others interviewed for the article did not put out such statements of retraction; they must have been happy with how it came out?

    It has become abundantly clear to me that the Foo Fighters consisted of one very controlling frontman… and the rest of the band. I don’t even think Dave and Taylor’s friendship – close as it apparently was – was on an even footing. Taylor looked up to Dave, admired him, thought of him as his boss. I don’t know how easily it would have been for Taylor to try to explain that he was really struggling. It is awful to think that he might have been feeling more and more stressed and ill and yet unable to just take a break. Was the incident in Chicago a foreshadowing of Colombia?

    Strange and frustrating that even with the Rolling Stone article out, and prompting new conversations about what happened to poor Taylor, none of the Foo Fighters can make the effort to release any sort of statement. I honestly thought something would have been said.

    The FF management seemed keen to deny everything the article had to say. But if they’re unhappy with what has been said in Rolling Stone, and the rumours swirling around as a result, then there is one very easy way to put those rumours to rest. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for it.

  • Foo Fighters stage manager Andy Pollard suddenly died of “unknown causes” in June 2021 prior to MSG concert! No further comments were made after announcing his sudden death!
    I agree with Daffodilfudge, I don’t think we’ll get a statement anytime soon but
    journalists will continue to dig!

  • Foo Fighters stage manager suddenly died of “unknown causes” in June 2021 prior to MSG concert! No further comments were made after announcing his sudden death!
    I agree with Daffodilfudge, I don’t think we’ll get a statement anytime soon but
    journalists will continue to dig!

  • Enlarged heart, leading to heart failure. It is when the heart muscle becomes flabby and unresponsive. He probably had trouble sleeping. Poor man. My dad died from it at a later age than 50. It is cruel when your brain wants to do something but your body is aging.
    I know this feeling. Drumming is a physically punishing activity. RIP Taylor Hawkins.

  • People are dying in the Ukraine and all over the planet. No one cares anymore! I’ve had enough of listening to it and have actually ended up quite disgusted at how precious these people think they are because at the end of the day he had a great life, the Foos had and have a great life and, unfortunately, many people have lost loved ones!

  • You absolutely can shoot up/use opiates on show day.. Otherwise you’d be incapacitated with the sickness and unable to play..

    You don’t get LOADED before a show.

    Not saying the dude had a habit at the time but if he did then you’d be using maintenance doses at the least. Sadly as you get older, your chances of your normal dose killing you when using opiates and benzos just gets higher and higher. Even in therapeutic, prescribed doses.

  • Agree with @DaffodilFudge… It doesn’t seem like anyone will offer up answers anytime soon. It is terribly tragic and sad for everyone who loves and misses him. I agree that Dave seemed dominating, even though I’m sure genuine love was also there. I don’t think he would be an easy guy to stand up to once he has his mind set on something (either with regards to the vaccine or anything else). There was even a comment from a friend on twitter who claims they were in the room when Taylor was ‘coerced’ into getting vaccinated. Either way, I’m so sorry for Taylor, of course he must have been exhausted too! Who wouldn’t be on a schedule like that?! It is also interesting that both Chad and Matt subsequently removed those instagram post statements… so it was clearly something they were legally advised to do.
    I read the comment about ‘there are worse things going on in the world etc’ but that is highly insensitive… one tragedy doesn’t override another. For the people that really loved him and valued him it is plenty enough reason for them to want to understand and grieve him properly. He also deserves the truth to be known instead of his name tainted with some drug narrative. He was a special person and deserves infinitely more respect

  • Clearly you’ve never had a close relationship with a heroin addict. They don’t get fucked up when they use, in most cases heroin allows them to function. To say a heroin addict never used before a gig is a lie. They need it to stop vomiting and shaking.

  • Has anybody seen how many fan selfies Grohl has been taking recently? It’s all getting a bit weird now with the ‘no comment’ thing. If he wants privacy why does he keep taking fan selfies, smiling like the Cheshire Cat and agreeing to be tagged in their posts?

    On the one hand it’s “I’m not talking about Taylor AT ALL not even to post a tribute to him” and on the other hand it’s “Yeh take as many selfies and photos as you like of me and oh yeh don’t forget to tag me on Instagram”.

    It’s really weird.

  • Precisely Gavin. I don’t know what these latest photos are that you refer to (frankly I don’t want to know, I can’t stand the sight of Dave Grohl now) but it does seem quite peculiar that he’s out-and-about and yet has not said one word about his “brother”. As for anyone saying “he’s grieving, leave him alone” well – if we had seen no sight of him, if he was holed up in private somewhere I’d agree and be happy to give him space. But that clearly isn’t the case. And the band do owe something to the fans – they’re perfectly happy to tell the world all about themselves when things are going well, so they don’t – in my book – get to hide away when it suits them. They want the trappings of fame – that means good or bad. The fans have a right to know, and the longer this ridiculous silence goes on, the worse it all seems.

  • I agree that this seems like a unusual process . I wonder if there are some kind of legal proceedings, malpractice or otherwise that prevent further statements. That said, even this should not be a barrier to a form of tribute from the band. It appears in reading what is available that even close friends are unsure of what happened. I can’t help but feel that it seems disrespectful to Taylor, who put in such effort and brought joy to so many that so little is said by the band he spent 25 years with. I doubt we will be provided with further information, especially after the Rolling Stone piece when Chad and Matt walked back from the statements, although did not state how they were taken out of context. It would have been great to clear Taylor’s name, as many have made assumptions about drug use or otherwise, which has not been confirmed or corrected, leaving this open to judgement and interpretation. At some point when Dave Grohl wants to market a new product of some sort, I wonder how all of this will be approached. Will it be off limits and will that be acceptable to fans%

  • @gavinhargreaves exactly. I was thinking the exact same thing today. What the fuck is actually going on?! I follow dave navarro too and in his birthday list of people who have made his life better taylor wasn’t listed?! Dave seems totally fine and to be making a point of it?!! Wtf. Even the fact that the ones who commented on the Rolling stone article being inaccrate accounts later deleted their statements?! Seriously. It feels unreal… no statements, no funeral info, no comments, very little I miss you. Where is the official autopsy result or the toxicology report that should have come days later?! If this isn’t seriously suspect I don’t know what is (Not even all you naysayers can claim this is in any way ‘normal’). Also where is the respect for the fans they have apparently always loved and appreciated. Something weird is going on. Full stop.

  • … and yes @daffodilfudge I can’t stand the sight of him either… or to listen to foos. Only taylor’s music. When i see these kind of photos of him now it just makes me annoyed…seems so false. Especially after reading the Twitter post about how Dave coerced him into getting vaccinated.

    • Okay Angelina 🙄🙄

  • My comment is speculation & feeling only, I never met the FOOS. Yes, Bogata is an easy location 4drugs. Taylor probably knew he had some health issues from his doctor & how his health was changing (not in a good way) & he accepted some of what he was experiencing & was scared about it as well. It seemed he was trying his best to improve his health thru research & making new healthy changes. Grohl seemed to know how to push Taylor thru guilt & dedication 2the band & how they wanted/needed Taylor. I just don’t feel Grohl LISTENED to Taylor or cared for him more than the band. Grohl seemed 2push Taylor thru guilt to push on. That’s not caring for what Taylor was telling Grohl or listening to what Taylor needed health wise. He said he was struggling in his own way, that it was too much for him. Grohl ignored Taylor’s ‘cry’ for help and placed the band above Taylor’s needs. Taylor said it was too much for him & Grohl pushed on for the band, ignoring Taylor’s health issues and how he felt he couldn’t go on. What I read seemed like Taylor was guilted into placing the band above his own health and needs. And…we lostTaylor because of it. I kept feeling Grohl was Taylor’s buddy, heard his pain & exhaustion, but the band comes first…no time for a replacement drummer now. And he knew how to push Taylor from his health needs (which should have come first) Yet, Grohl cared more for the onward progression of the band than Taylor… imposed guilt on him & didn’t listen to Taylor. Very Sad.
    (Just my opinion)

  • Relieved to read your article. He looks straight as an arrow to me in that last photo and very healthy. So sad that he passed away.

  • Not ruling out drug abuse.

    Addiction is strong.

    I suspect the truth lies unsurprisingly somewhere in the middle.

    Taylor himself stated that he never gave drugs up. Rather, he apparently found a ‘system which works’ for him.

    (Actively-using-Addict narrative 101.)

    Combine that with a job which is clearly taking its toll on his health and the picture becomes a lot clearer.

    You still need to be careful with your somewhat clumsy prose. You’re not a medical doctor.

    And whilst you might be ruling out an overdose, I think perhaps you might be seeking some confirmation bias.

    Take a breath, stand back and look at it on paper.

    The man wasn’t well and he was pushing his body in more ways than one. Such a tragedy.

  • I agree with you, the addiction is very very strong. Also, Taylor’s children are involved, and I think the Foos are protecting Taylor’s memory and family in all possible ways. The best strategy? Total and absolute silence on Taylor.

  • Since when does the family of a deceased musician hold tribute concerts to honor them if their cause of death was drug-related? Makes me think his death was not due to an overdose and was most likely a heart condition. Just my two cents…

  • Grohl is one piece of work.

    His band (what’s left of it) are now at the ultimate crossroads. Musically,. the band are artistically and some would say spiritually inept and their fans are rabid lifers in the vein of a Michael Jackson fan, or a Bruce Springsteen fan.

    Promoters will continue to make them the best offers and no doubt Grohl will keep on sailing the high seas, feathering his own nest, playing to his minions.

    Who cares. It’s got the cultural value of a Spice Girls reunion.

    The “tribute” shows in London & L.A are tasteless considering the secrecy and lack of statements. It’s not “Freddie & The Long Goodbye”.

    Grohl has been here before – I bet he’s seething underneath. Seething that he’s been put in this position (again) where he has to reconfigure his options – I truly reckon he’s feeling “put out” buy this.

    Bottom line is, Grohl has the constitution of an Ox. It’s in the genes. You’ve got it or you ain’t. Taylor, just couldn’t keep up.

  • Everyone seems to be overlooking a key component here: Taylor’s wife. She’s controlling the narrative. Dave talks his head off about anything and everything, constantly. But radio silence about this? Plus Chad and Matt walking back their (obviously honest) comments to RS? Foos rep denying everything, including the medical emergency that made the news? It’s not Dave. It’s the wife. Guaranteed. And this won’t stay quiet and civil forever. It’s gonna get real ugly and all come out in the wash.

  • What makes you think this… just interested in your point of view. It may be about protecting their children from gossip on social media, although that continues to occur due to lack of information.

  • As someone who is in recovery, I think it’s important to mention that taking opioids and benzos together is basically a death sentence. There’s no doctor in their right mind that would script both at the same time, and there is no safe dose for either when combined – regardless of any supposed legitimate issues that were being treated. I also find it very difficult to believe that someone who nearly died of a heroin overdose would turn to prescription opioids for pain relief years later (when they are supposedly in recovery and working some kind of personal recovery program), especially when there are much better options available. With all that said, it’s also important to recognize that there’s no way to know if the substances actually played any role at all in Taylor’s death. Not without more information.

  • The Foo Fighters are my all-time favorite band – and it won’t be the same without Taylor. He was a rare, melodic, once-in-a-generation drummer that has been overshadowed by Grohl’s (well-deserved) mega stardom.

    I find it interesting that ALL of Taylor’s favorite bands are featured at the tribute concerts EXCEPT Jane’s Addiction. AND – Perry Farrell was spending time with Taylor – including the final shows in South America. Now, I understand that Chris Chaney was a part of the tribute events but he’s not the JA that Taylor loved. It’s the one with Perry …. and he is a notable omission IMO.

  • Foo fighters are my all-time favorite band – and the loss of Taylor is a huge loss in so many ways. Watched the tribute event at Wembley – and the family included almost all of his favorite musicians in the event. Except Perry Farrell. This is notable and interesting to me. Perry joined the band to play “Been Caught Stealing” at several events on the tour – and planned to join the band again in Colombia on the date of Taylor’s passing. Perry unabashedly says he continues to use drugs, and two had been hanging out a lot. And then he is NOT invited to either tribute event. Taylor was a huge fan of JA and had “Foos Addiction” on his bass drum on the tour. But Perry was not invited. Feels like there is some connection here between these two things…..guess we will never know.

  • ….. stating the very obvious the human organism is a biological system so everything effects the system someway, somehow.
    Its plain thick to even suggest that taking benzos and opiates, despite all the other substances, may not have dire consequences.

  • It has been nearly two months since the conclusion of the second tribute concert in LA. The FF camp has been understandably quiet since then with the exception of a couple of releases i.e. the Essential LP, RSD Dream Widow LP etc. Respectfully, Taylor’s family is now given the space to grief privately without the media spotlight on his cause of death. However, the information vacuum surrounding his untimely demise leads me to wonder what impact this will have on the band’s future.

  • Wow, this is really sad news. Taylor Hawkins was a great musician and I’m sure his fans will miss him.


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