Lemmy’s Biography: The Most Metal Ever?

He wore the same pair of black pants every day for 25 years. He consumed so much speed that a doctor recommended against a blood transfusion because removing the drugs from his system would probably kill him. He consumed up to four bottles of Jack Daniels a day. And he claims to have had sex with 2,000 women.

These are just some of the things we learn about Motorhead’s Lemmy in Lemmy: The Definitive Biography by Mick Wall which will go on sale December 6. Over the weekend, The NY Post had this excerpt involving the time that Lemmy was stopped at the Canadian border for possession of speed. He was still with Hawkwind at the time and the border arrest was the last straw. Lemmy was fired. But he would have his revenge.

I came home and f—ed all their old ladies. I made sure of [bandmates] Simon King and Alan Powell’s first. Alan Powell has still never forgiven me. And I hope he never will, cos there was a lot of malice involved, and I really meant every f—ing minute of it.

Read more of the Post’s excerpt here. Meanwhile, please enjoy one of the greatest songs ever recorded.

As an encore, here’s Hawkwind’s immortal “Silver Machine” from 1972. And yes, that’s Lemmy on vocals.



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