More Music From The Inbox, 4 Mar 2015: Public Service Broadcasting, Fantasma, Death Cab For Cutie and More!

Artist: Public Service Broadcasting, “The Other Side”

Album: The Race For Space

Public Service Broadcasting

This unique duo out of London combines historic moments and great music.

Sounds like: Telling the story of losing contact as Apollo 8 rounded the moon


Artist: Fantasma, “Eye of the Sun”  

Album: Free Love


I’ve been watching this South African group come around for some time now. Can’t wait for the album.

Sounds like: Turning it all inside out


Artist: Death Cab For Cutie, “Black Sun”

Album: Kintsugi

Death Cab For Cutie

Long, long fan of this band. Wouldn’t normally share them on here but this is the first Death Cab song in a long while that I love.

Sounds like: Taking a left when you know you shoulda gone right


Artist: Josef Salvat, “Hustler”

Album: N/A

Josef Salvat

His voice intrigued me enough to post this. Born in Australia and now living in London, there’s some talent here.

Sounds like: Mixed pop styles


Artist: Marian Hill, “Lips”

Album: Lips

Marian Hill

Philly based duo putting out some great sounds.

Sounds like: Quirky electro fun!


Artist: Them Country Bastardz, “The Bastard”

Album: Sick Daze

Them Country Bastardz

Ever been to Leamington, Ontario – based on this, you should!

Sounds like: Just the type of scream out you need today


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