September 7, 2023
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More Music From The Inbox 18 Jun 2014 Prom Night, Videotape, The Panoramic and More!

Artist: Prom Night, “Machete”

Album: N/A

Prom Night

Chicago is home to this guitar strong group

Sounds like: Alt rock mind meld


Artist: Videotape, “Form”

Album: N/A


Another very interesting Chicago band that caught my ear this week

Sounds like: A dark, rainy night becoming a storm


Artist: The Panoramic, “Be Mine”

Album: N/A

The Panoramic

Fantastic fun band from the UK!

Sounds like: A great mix of alt-pop and a touch of jazziness


Artist: Birdeatsbaby, “Ghosts”

Album: N/A


Brighton UK based self-described orachestral punk band.

Sounds like: Kate Bush-esque haunting


Artist: Justice R.F., “Virginia”

Album: N/A

Justice R F

Based out of Ottawa and brings a beautiful voice

Sounds like: Soft love of home


Artist: Francois, “Last Night I Fell”

Album: N/A


Known as Francois on stage, Luke Oliver James hails from Portsmouth

Sounds like: Quiet contemplation


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