More Music From The Inbox 7 Feb 2018 Frigs, Mint Field, Miles Francis and More!

Artist: Frigs, “II”  

Album: Basic Behaviour

I am loving the sound of this Toronto band

Sounds like:  Urgent and personal


Artist: Mint Field, “Quiero Otono De Nuevo”

Album: N/A

This band from Tijuana, Mexico is right up my alley

Sounds like:  eyes closed, flying


Artist: Miles Francis, “Complex”

Album: N/A

Intrigue out of NYC

Sounds like:  just quirky and interesting


Artist: Vern Matz, “Operator”

Album: Vern Matz

New Haven, Connecticut is home to this indie outfit

Sounds like:  a much needed reach out


Artist: Infinite Third, “Vision(s)”

Album: Channel(s)

Electronic beauty out of Florida

Sounds like:  Intricate thoughts and feelings


Artist: Vantablack Warship, “Another Dead Rockstar”

Album: Abrasive Pulmonic Speak

Hard driving sounds out of Montreal

Sounds like:  they are a dime-a-dozen


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