More Music From The Inbox 9 Aug 2017 Sun-El Musician, Sleepy Sun, Stereo Specter and More!

Artist: Sun-El Musician, “Akanamali ft. Samthing Soweto”

Album: N/A

Another great find out of South Africa

Sounds like:  following your base instincts


Artist: Sleepy Sun, “Seaquest”

Album: Private Tales

Great band out of San Fran!

Sounds like:  what you are looking for


Artist: Stereo Specter, “Animal”

Album: Eidolon

I love the sounds from this Nashville talent

Sounds like:  sci-fi alt rock


Artist: Luna, “Let Me Dream If I Want To”

Album: A Sentimental Education

NYC seems to be an endless trove of talent.

Sounds like:  Old school/new school indie rock


Artist: The White Russian, “B Child”

Album: N/A

Completely interesting band out of London

Sounds like: Intriguing lo-fi soundscape


Artist: Eriqua, “Broken Lies”

Album: N/A

Unsigned artist out of London

Sounds like:  Mix and mash emotion


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