Name That Tune: We Need to Crowdsource This One

This popped in from Greg:

Hey Alan,

I’m a huge fan and in awe of your musical genius as well your NIN bootleg collection.

I was a faithful listener of your show on CFNY back in the day when I lived in Hamilton, ON. Now, I get a taste of you on Live 88.5 in Ottawa. I think my favourite exposure to you is your weekly phone calls with Jen Traplin. She’s another one of my favourite DJs.

Anyways, enough buttering up. I was thinking maybe you can help a handful of Redditors name the tune linked in this thread.

The band is clearly British and in my opinion influenced by the Sex Pistols. They might not have even made it big.

It has been Shazam’ed and Soundhound’ed with no success.


Greg Rallo

The track was heard on XFM/London (UK) quite some time back. They often reach into some pretty obscure corners of the music world. Anyone have any idea who this is? Let’s play Name That Tune!

UPDATE: Larry suggests it’s called “Too Young” by The Explanations. Can anyone confirm or deny?

Alan Cross

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One thought on “Name That Tune: We Need to Crowdsource This One

  • August 1, 2020 at 5:14 am

    This has now been solved after 3 years, check the thread


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