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New Music from the Inbox: Begonia, T Truman, Ariane Moffatt, and more!

Artist: Begonia
Song: It’s Too Quiet

This is effortlessly confident pop music, with stunning vocals. Begonia, aka Canadian pop singer Alexa Dirks, explains her new song is about “the uncertainty and excitement of new love, when you just want to be around someone all the time but aren’t sure how they feel about you, so you second guess every text and every phone call before finally just being vulnerable (AH!) and letting the other person know how you feel. I feel like this phase of a relationship is all at once exhilarating and torturous.”


Artist: T Truman
Song: Entertainer
EP: Luxury Star

T Truman is the charming piano rock solo project of The Vaccines keyboardist Timothy Lanham. Explaining the meaning behind the song Timothy says: “Entertainer is an honest commentary on creative trials when the pressure to stand out confuses the goal of making meaningful art. Sometimes your own projections get in the way of useful work ethic and it’s not any easy place to get out of… ‘cornered like a wild animal’ was a lyric that although somewhat exaggerative sums up the feeling accurately.” His second EP will be out March 10!



Artist: Ariane Moffatt
Song: Deux Cœurs Vagabonds
Album: 1969

This is such a beautiful song, intersecting layers of guitars, lush violins, soft patter of drums. It’s from1969 – a concept album of all original music dedicated to the late 60’s and featuring a lineup of Canadian artists including Moffatt, Safia Nolin, Half Moon Run, Claudia Bouvette, Elisapie, and more, out April 12!


Artist: Poolside & Brijean
Song: Better When You’re Close

This music sounds like sunshine sparkling off of a pool, so relaxing and brightly textured.


Artist: Ducks Ltd.
Song: Sheets of Grey

Toronto band Ducks Ltd. explain that their new jangle-pop song is about “the inertia of depression, and how hard it can be to break out of those cycles, but also about the pleasure of embracing that state. There is a certain, temporary comfort to be found in the abyss! Somewhere right before it inevitably becomes extremely awful.”


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