September 25, 2023
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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Feb 11, 2019): Francie Moon, SMLXL, Sunbeam Sound Machine, and more!

Artist: Francie Moon

Song: “Present Tense”

Album/EP: Single

Jazzy bohemian garage rock with just the right amount of fuzz, “Present Tense” especially takes an interesting tune in its flighty, sparse breakdown.


Artist: SMLXL

Song: “Kristy G”

Album/EP: SIZE

Frantic and loose indie rock with just a touch of chaos, “Kristy G” comes across like the playful chaotic good of the rock world.


Artist: Sunbeam Sound Machine

Song: “Talking Distance”

Album/EP: Goodness Gracious

Drowsy and droning guitar loops build into a lush, soft dreamscape of wavy proportions in “Talking Distance” from appropriately named Aussie artist Sunbeam Sound Machine.


Artist: The National Lights

Song: “The Whaleship Essex”

Album/EP: Whom The Sea Will Keep

Serene and blissful folk with a beautifully haunting duet accompanied by lullaby-inducing instrumentals.


(Sorry for the short article this week folks – bit of a hiccup on writing day!)

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