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New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Jan 21, 2019): Lucky Daye, Ladytron, Youth Fountain, and more!

Artist: Lucky Daye

Song: “Karma”

Album/EP: Single

Full and confident R&B with a dark hip hop/funk streak, “Karma” plays like Lucky Daye knows it’s a future star. Buttery bass and a full suite of flowing, melodic vocal performances make for an undeniable ear worm – the beat may as all be engineered to catch in your head for hours to come.


Artist: Ladytron

Song: “Far From Home”

Album/EP: Ladytron

Cathartic yet slightly foreboding synth-pop, “Far From Home” is still rife with the early shoegazey elements that helped Liverpudlian Ladytron take the UK electronic scene by storm. Pulsating tones, carried strings, and hauntingly comforting vocals coalesce into a complicated and driving single.


Artist: Youth Fountain

Song: “Grinding Teeth”

Album/EP: Letters To Our Former Selves

Edgy and angsty pop punk direct from the straightened hair, emo-inspired skate parks of the mid-2000s, “Grinding Teeth” is a clipped blast of nostalgia. Relentless drumming, speedy fretting, pissy lyrics and all – but with a bit more of a mature, directed approach that betrays more developed songwriting.


Artist: Sure Sure

Song: “Warm Animal”

Album/EP: What’s It Like?

Effortlessly easy-going indie rock that slowly builds and layers into a lazy, laid-back ensemble of organs and organic vocals, “Warm Animal” is a warm and inviting tune. Splashes of falsetto, bright guitar chording, and a lolling beat make for a pleasantly cozy track.


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