New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (June 28, 2021): Tyler, The Creator, Micky James, Grabbitz, and more!

Artist: Tyler, The Creator



The beat goes hard, Tyler, The Creator is his usual authentic self, and the tune manages multiple sharp turns within its 90 second runtime – all in all, a pretty promising taste of the beloved rapper’s latest album. Tyler’s ability to express goofiness, raw aggression, and obnoxious confidence are on display as the production absolutely shreds your subwoofer.


Artist: Micky James

Song: “Shiver”

Album/EP: Single

Glittering rock that explodes into a huge, glistening, and hook-heavy chorus, Micky James’ “Shiver” pulls some of the ear-infecting magic of pop and injects it into the veins of a stomping, effervescent tune. This single plays like it would absolutely slay at a sweaty, intimate hall – the wide-open guitar and splashy drums make plenty of space for shout-along accompaniment to James’ strutting vocal delivery.


Artist: Grabbitz

Song: “Pigs In The Sky”

Album/EP: Single

Brooding-yet-exuberant pop with hints of Nine Inch Nail’s industrialism and early-00s alt rock styling, Grabbitz’ “Pigs In The Sky” displays the talents of a shapeshifting producer at the top of their game. Grabbitz AKA Nick Chiari pulls from a wealth of genre influences to craft the pulsing synth runs, vocal overlays, and pounding drum loop.


Artist: Dave Sampson

Song: “All My Friends”

Album/EP: Single

Bright, driving, and infinitely catchy indie from Nova Scotia’s Dave Sampson is a burst of revitalizing energy set to shake even the most lockdown-weary of us into grooving. Sampson’s welcoming singing style, four-to-the-floor structure, and deceptively displayed songwriting are paired exceptionally with fleeting guitars and slinging keys that’ll echo in your head long after the song’s close.


Artist: Southern Avenue

Song: “Push Now”


Sizzling and scintillating soul rock with exactly as much drawling heat as you’d expect from a band named Southern Avenue, “Push Now” is a powerful bluesy offering from the Memphis-based group. Lively lead vocals fronted by the show-stopping Tierinii Jackson and whole lotta whammy guitar effectively guide the steady energetic burn of this tune.


Mathew Kahansky

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