New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (Mar. 5, 2019): Julian Taylor Band, Ace of Wands, Sigrid, & More!

Artist: Julian Taylor Band
Song: “Back Again”
Album: Single
Band location: Toronto

Why I like it: Bluesy and soulful.


Artist: Ace of Wands
Song: “Lioness”
Band location: Toronto

Why I like it: Quick-paced and energetic


Artist: Sigrid
Song: “Sight of You”
Album: Single
Artist location: Bergen, Norway

Why I like it: Big pop sound

Listen here.

Artist: Don’t Believe In Ghosts 
Song: “Don’t Wake Me Up”
Album: Single
Band location: New York

Why I like it: Relaxed and fun to listen to.


Artist: ZFG
Song: “Special”
Album: Single
Band location: Los Angeles

Why I like it: Guitar-driven rock.


Artist: Nitro Zeus
Song: “All Fail”
Album: Single
Band location: Brisbane, Australia

Why I like it: Aggressive and fast-paced.


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