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New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (September 8, 2020): Via Barcelona, BUMPER, The Archaeas, & More!

Via Barcelona

Song: “It Ain’t Over”
Album: Single
Band location: Vernon, BC
Why I like it: Laid back and easy to listen to.


Song: “You Can Get It”/“Black Light”/“Red Brick”/“Ballad 0”
Album: Pop Songs 2020 EP
Band location: New York City, New York
Why I like it: Soothing lo-fi beats and catchy melodies

The Archaeas

Song: “Trapped”
Album: Single
Band location: Louisville, Kentucky
Why I like it: Angry, political punk

Sena Kana

Song: “Up” feat. Wiz Khalifa and Sheppard
Album: Single
Artist location: Tokyo, Japan
Why I like it: Danceable beats and full harmonies


Song: “Liarliar”
Album: Single
Band location: Columbia, South Carolina
Why I like it: Fun pop-punk

Luna Aura

Song: “Talking To Me”
Album: Single
Artist location: Los Angeles, California
Why I like it: Gritty and grungy sound.

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