New Music From The Inbox, 26 June 26, 2017: Night Owls, Dot Dash, Needles//Pins & more!

Artist: Night Owls
Song: “Out of My Head”
Album/EP: Single

The latest single from Leeds-based trio Night Owls, “Out of My Head” takes a leaf out of the shoegaze scene handbook by taking a doped-up, dreamy and melodically obtuse approach to their raucous, serrated grunge-pop.



Artist: Dot Dash
Song: “Summer Light”
Album/EP: Searchlights

From their most recent album, Searchlights, Dot Dash’s “Summer Light” exemplifies the Washington DC band’s mix of indie and jangle pop.

Listen/Watch here.

Artist: Needles//Pins
Song: “Good Night”
Album/EP: Good Night, Tomorrow

Back after a three-year hiatus, Vancouver pop-punk trio Needles//Pins’ “Good Night” takes the catchy hooks and melodies of pop-punk and adds in a bit of grit.

Listen/Watch here.

Artist: Dog Island
Song: “El Dorado”
Album/EP: Laniakea

Described as “tropical psych rockers”, Dog Island combines colorful narratives with playful experimentation, weaving bedroomy psych folk and indie tropicalia into a fun and unique sound.


Artist: Caretaker
Song: “Swallow”
Album/EP: Single

Brooklyn band Caretaker’s first official single aims to show the music world their post-punk, art-rock style with piercing, clean vocals and ability to create a variety of textures throughout one song.


Artist: NØMADS
Song: ”Dementophøbia”
Album/EP: Phøbiac

The latest song in their year-long conceptual album Phøbiac, NØMADS’ “Dementophøbia” explores the fear of losing one’s mind with a blistering, fuzzed-out, post-punk explosion.




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