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New site for EDM fans: Setfreaks

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There’s a new Sheriff in town and his name is Reggie Hammond. Just kidding but there is a new DJ in town or there could be one… any minute now.

 *checks wrist watch*

“No.” Was Alan’s response to my question about ‘white label ethos.’ Duh, but I knew he’d dumb it down so it’d stick the next time I had to speak ‘DJ.’

 “A ‘white label’ refers to a record (almost always vinyl) released without any identifying labels. DJs release these things all the time to keep their identities secret.” Très exclusive? Bingo.

The new DJ download site SetFreaks is dropping the needle on exclusivity and spinning it back into music, along with the help of “the best anti-file sharing technology out there.” Former DJ/producer Onnik Tavitian is combining his experience in the industry with his knack and skill for entrepreneurial endeavours and cutting-edge tech.

“DJs of a certain era will remember the satisfaction of getting their hands on a great white label track on vinyl and playing it in their sets,” Tavitian says. “Many white labels were considered gold dust and these tracks made a DJ’s set unique. We’re recreating that exclusivity in digital format, bringing the art and display of curative talent back into focus.”

Digital platforms across the board release tracks every day and record labels tend to have lengthy release schedules. Tavitian believes “Capping the number of tracks released each week on SetFreaks allows the artists – new or established – to share the spotlight. At SetFreaks it’s the music that does the talking, not big money advertising spends or algorithms.”

Music does the talking. DJ’s do the spinning. ‘White label ethos’ makes a comeback.

Got it! – Level up’d my fluency in ‘DJ.’

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